How to talk about your shortcomings in a job interview

In a job interview we must be honest and honest. It is important to remain calm at any time, since obviously recruiters will try to face difficult questions. It is normal to be asked about our virtues, but it is also a common resource for interviewers to ask questions about defects. With this, they seek to have an idea of ​​the image we have of ourselves and our capabilities. Faced with these types of questions, it is important to know how to talk about your faults in a job interview .

Steps to follow:


Before going to the interview it is convenient to sit down and ask ourselves, without the stress of the selection process, what virtues and defects we would highlight on our person. Be honest, try to write them down on a sheet. This will be the starting point of success in an interview.


As far as possible, we must transform the defects into a positive aspect for the company. For this, we can choose to talk about perfectionists that we are or that we like to be extremely punctual. With these two examples, we see how two characteristics can occur as defects that our future bosses may like.


Speak firmly but without excessive confidence in yourself. The best thing is to try to expose these defects speaking in an analytical and reflective way, contributing at all times solutions or commenting what you will do so that your defects do not hinder your work.


Obviously preparing a conversation at home does not imply that it is the same as we will have with the interviewer . It is therefore essential to be calm and think very well about the answers before giving them. For this, if we have to create a silence we will do it without problem. Calmness will help us to make our speech more fluid, avoiding unnecessary tricks that are usually introduced when we do not really know how to answer.


If we are asked questions about other jobs, we should not hide layoffs or bad experiences. We will make a better impression if we speak it naturally, as long as we explain that we have learned about those stages of our life and what we would have changed of our performance.

  • We must be calm, with clear ideas and trying to show a positive attitude and absolute collaboration.
  • Avoid extreme confidence in yourself and be humble.