How the electronic DNI works

In Spain, the electronic DNI allows you to identify yourself on the Internet. Thus, one of the main advantages is that it allows all kinds of telematic transactions. Little by little, the traditional plastic DNI is being replaced by the new card. Their functions are exactly the same but with the advantage that allowing you to identify yourself on the Internet you can perform many on-line procedures, such as paying fines, knowing how many points you have on your driving license, etc. Learn how it works with this article.

Steps to follow:


Currently, only the new electronic DNI is sold . Therefore, the next time you are going to renew your identity card you will receive the electronic delivery. But you do not have to wait for the current one to expire, if you want to go ahead and receive your new electronic ID you can do it. In either case, either because your ID has expired or because you want to renew voluntarily, you must request an appointment by calling 902 247 364 or through the website You will be informed about the police station to which you will have to go and you will be given one day and one hour.


If this is the first time you request an electronic DNI, you must go to the police station with a color-sized photo ID that identifies you without problems, a birth certificate issued by the Civil Registry and a voter registration flyer. On the contrary, if you already had an electronic DNI and you want to renew it because you have lost it, it has been stolen or for reasons of deterioration, you should only carry a passport- sized photograph in which you identify well and a copy of the report of the police or the old DNI, as the case may be. For those people who have changed their address it will be necessary to go with a registration flyer of the new municipality. If what has changed is the filiation data, you must go with the relevant certificate of the Civil Registry.


The main advantage of this new identity card is that it allows all types of telematic procedures to be carried out. For example, if you want to make the income statement, now you can do it without leaving your home because you can give guarantees of your identity with your electronic ID. If you want to apply for a scholarship you no longer have to endure long and endless queues, you can request it through the Internet and attest to your person with the electronic card. It also happens with traffic procedures, etc.


The electronic card is as safe as the old national identity document. The key is in the PIN number that is delivered to you when you receive your new electronic ID. This PIN is unique and non-transferable, and will be the one that identifies you when you have to do any formality or management of an official nature on the Internet. If you wish, you can change your PIN number in the electronic stations that you will find in the police station.

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