How to write a letter to rescind my resignation

Writing a letter to rescind the resignation can be very difficult. Companies are not required to rehire an employee after they have been officially notified in writing. Replacement expenses may have incurred previously, an alternate employee may have occupied the position or the situation may have been eliminated altogether. Therefore, it is the employee's interest to be as close, apologetic and helpful as possible in their attempts to revoke their resignation.

Steps to follow:


Apologize for any confusion or difficulties your resignation may have caused. The company may have already begun an extensive and expensive job search to fill its position, or other employees or applicants from abroad, may have requested their position and hope to be able to advance or join the company. The interviews may have already been scheduled and a large amount of time is spent determining the best person to replace him.


Explain the reasons for rescinding your resignation. For example, a job offer has not materialized or you may have had doubts about a new position. You may have been temporarily unhappy and acted on impulse when you sent the notice in writing. Family issues may have been the cause. Whatever the reason, be honest and frontal about your actions and make it clear that you would like to stay or return to work in the same capacity. A company would find it much easier for a good employee to resign his resignation before wasting time and investing in training costs for a new person who is not familiar with the company or promoting a current employee who does not have the experience or the basis of clients you have.


Explain clearly why it would be of interest to the company, that you rejoin your previous position. Give a brief summary of all your past achievements and the professional relationships you have formed over the months or years of your employment. Assure the management that you will be with the company for the long term and that you will not regret keeping it in your position.


After writing the letter, demonstrate through your efforts of work and enthusiasm, that the decision that your resignation be without effect would be the best interest of the company. Keep a good attitude and be clearly delighted and appreciative if you are allowed to remain in your position. Make a special effort to go beyond production, communication and attitude, to demonstrate that they are clearly an important, integral and impossible part of replacing employees.