What happens if I lose all the points of the driving license

Knowing what happens if you lose all the driving license points will allow you to be aware of all the paperwork that you must give to have the possibility of driving a car again. It is not simple or quick and will require you to follow a recycling course in addition to a few bureaucratic procedures. Therefore, it is best that you do everything possible to avoid this situation. In .com, we answer the question of what happens if I lose all the points of my driving license.

Steps to follow:


What happens when you lose all the points of the driver's license is that the General Directorate of Traffic and, specifically, the Provincial Headquarters that corresponds to you, begins the process that ends with the declaration of the loss of validity of your driving license. The result is that a resolution is issued whereby your driver's license ceases to be in force.


As a consequence of what is indicated in the previous point, when losing the points of the driving license, you will be forced to give your driver's license in the Provincial Traffic Headquarters. Then, you will not be able to drive for a total of 6 months . In the case that you are a professional driver, the period is reduced by half, so it is 3 months. As you can imagine, the consequences are serious in both cases.


After the indicated periods, you will be able to obtain a new driving license. However, you can not do it directly. So, what you have to do if you lose all the points of your driving license is to follow and pass a 24-hour road re-education and re-education course and a theoretical test. Afterwards, you will be issued a new driver's license that will only have 8 points. Fortunately, this course you can do while the loss of validity of the card lasts, so you can go ahead of time. However, the theoretical test can not be done until the periods of 6 or 3 months indicated have passed.


As you see, in practice, losing all the points of the card is a similar process to when you get your driver's license, with the exception that you will not have to do the practices. Thus, the consequences of not meeting the rules and losing all points are serious.


In addition, in the event that you get to pick up a car when you have withdrawn the card for the total loss of points you will be committing a crime of the Penal Code that is punishable by a penalty of 3 to 6 months in jail, work in benefit of the community from 31 to 90 days or a fine of 12 to 24 months.


As we said, if you lose all the points of the driver's license and you overcome the course to recover them, the new card that you will obtain will only have 8 points. You will be assigned all points past 2 years, if you do not commit new infractions. In the case that the loss of points was for committing very serious infractions, it would take 3 years to recover the full balance.


Keep in mind, on the other hand, that this road awareness and reeducation course can only be carried out once every two years or once a year in the case of professional drivers. If you do not know how your balance is, you are interested in reading this article in which we explain how to know how many points you have on your driving license.