How to use ABS brakes

Many times it is another advertising claim, but the truth is that the ABS system of the brakes is a key factor that contributes to the safety of driver and occupants. However, for it to work properly, we need to know how to use it. Therefore, in .com we explain how to use ABS brakes .

Steps to follow:


The first thing we have to be clear about is that ABS brakes are not used in the same way as those that do not have this system. So we have to forget about practices such as first lightly touching the brake and then gradually doing it more radically.


Thus, when we use the brakes with ABS system we have to put all our strength on the pedal and stomp it to the bottom so that they work correctly.


In a complementary way, it is recommended that we also step on the clutch pedal thoroughly . What we will achieve in this way is to eliminate the force of the engine on the wheels and, at the same time, any possibility of the car stalling.


It is very important to take this rule into account: we must not release the brake pedal until the car is completely stopped.


In addition, we should not be afraid if we notice a slight vibration in the pedal at the beginning of the braking when the ABS is activated.