What happens if my car has more oil

The engine of all vehicles requires oil to work properly and that is why we must ensure that our car has the right amount. As we all intuit that if the car loses oil we are faced with a problem, what happens if the car has more oil in the account? In this article we explain it to you, so do not wait any longer and stay tuned to discover it.

Steps to follow:


First, it should be noted that each car has certain characteristics and that is why the amount of oil it requires can vary between vehicles. Therefore, it is necessary to consult your car manual or consult an authorized workshop about the recommended amounts of oil. However, it is also important that you know how to measure the oil level of a car, since all cars incorporate a dipstick to control the levels.


Similarly, if you have no notions of vehicle mechanics, the most appropriate will be that when changing the oil in the car you decide to take your car to a mechanical workshop where you can make the oil change correctly. In that case, you will not find yourself facing problems like an excess of oil in the engine.


You must know that oil is an essential element for the vehicle, since it performs basic functions such as lubricating the different parts of the engine, thus preventing its wear. Therefore, we must ensure at all times that the car has enough motor oil; otherwise, the problems could become serious, as we explained in this other article about what happens if I run out of oil in the car.


And if the lack of oil is bad, so is the excess and that is why adding too much oil in the crankcase can cause excessive heat that will reduce the useful life of the car's engine. In the same way it is possible that, if your car has more oil of the account, it splashes the cylinders and, consequently, burns more oil. In turn, this will involve increasing the deposits of the combustion chamber, which can cause problems in the normal operation of the engine.


Another possible problem that may arise from the excess of motor oil will be that this oil is too much aerated and becomes a kind of foam, caused by the movement of the crankshaft. And it is that this damaged oil will not properly lubricate the engine and can lead to overheating that will lead to pressure losses.