What to check on a regular basis of my car

Our car is an important piece for us and our family, accompanies us on trips, to go to work, etc. For this we must take good care of it and take a methodical monthly control of the car and annual things to review. It is important to keep it in mind to extend the life of the car and to have a greater safety at the wheel.

Annual car tuning

Modern carburetors and electronic injection systems are calibrated at the factory and should not be altered. The service of these systems requires special tools and equipment and must be carried out by a specialist. Therefore, it is better to take the vehicle to a specialized workshop so that by means of a gas measurement the appropriate mixtures are determined and the air filter is also checked.

Annual air conditioning review

When the air conditioner does not produce significant changes in temperature or loses its original ef fi ciency, an automotive refrigeration service workshop must verify that it may be occurring. You may need a change of filters, cleaning, replacement of the expansion valve or replacement of seals among others. A good coolant should be used. A system that needs 10% of refrigerant will cost 20% more in its operation. Without regular maintenance, the air conditioner loses approximately 5% of its original ef fi ciency for each year of operation; if it is given adequate maintenance, 95% of the original ef fi ciency can be maintained.

Annual Spark Plugs Review

Spark plugs should be kept free of carbon and dirt since the good condition of this system affects the quality of the combustion of the vehicle and therefore reduces air emissions. When the mechanic checks them, ask him to check the spark plug wire cover, which takes the distributor's electricity to the spark plugs and can crack or get dirty with oil or dirt. This leads to problems of starting and waste of fuel . The cables must be replaced at the intervals recommended by the manufacturer.

Annual maintenance of the car ignition

Evaluate spark plug wires; If necessary, replace. Check battery, alternator, battery charge. Clean battery terminals. Check condition of spark plugs (See manufacturer's comments in your service manual)

Review of the engine and the air filter

  • General engine inspection (See manufacturer's recommendations in your maintenance manual).
  • Air filter: Change according to manufacturer's recommendations