Why my car does not start

If your car does not start it may be due to mechanical problems related to the car's ignition system or to the fact that you have run out of battery due to misuse or failure. A mistake with gasoline can also be the reason why the car does not start. In any case, a good maintenance of the vehicle will reduce the possibility of you being in this situation. In we give you an answer to the question of why my car does not start.

Steps to follow:


One of the reasons that your car does not start may be that it has run out of battery. The most probable causes are that it has been discharged because, for example, you have left the lights on when the vehicle is off, or that it is damaged. You must take your car to a mechanic to determine the reason for the discharge.

In this article we explain how to start a car that has run out of battery. Anyway, most of the insurance policies include this service for free. To prevent this from happening to you, you must do a good maintenance of the battery.


If your car does not start, you may have run out of gas. If you have refueled at the gas station a short time ago, you may have a leak in the fuel tank. You can easily check it by looking at the ground, under the engine, where there will be traces of fuel if there is any loss.

Your mechanic should solve the fault, which is not very common but that can occur because an element, such as a stone, impacts the tank. If you do not have gasoline because you have become clueless and have not filled in time, you must go to a petrol station on foot and take fuel in an approved container to fill the car's tank, at least with the amount needed to move it to a gas station.


A broken ignition switch also causes the car not to start. This part that is part of the ignition system is the one that is responsible for giving an electrical signal to the starter when the key is operated. This starts the process to start the engine. If you do not notice any kind of noise when you turn the key, the most likely cause of the car not turning on is that this switch is broken. Your mechanic must confirm it and solve the fault.


If when starting the key the normal ignition process starts but finally the engine of the car does not start, you may be facing a problem with the spark plugs, which will be either stuck or dirty. The cleaning or replacement of the spark plugs is not very complicated, so you can do it yourself if you want to avoid the expense in the garage. In this article, we explain in detail how to change the spark plugs of the car.


Maybe the reason why your car does not turn on is found in the start relay . It is a piece that costs around 20 euros, so if you take it to the mechanic you will not have to make a large outlay to end the problem. This component of the vehicle is responsible for sending electricity to the car's starter for it to start, so that any failure causes the car can not turn on.


To avoid situations like this in which your car does not start, make a good set-up of the car every 2 years or 40, 000 kilometers.