Why my car pulls

A car that pulls during the start or in the march is giving symptoms that something is wrong. It can be problems in the ignition system, with fuel or in the exhaust, basically. Sealing the problem at the first symptoms can prevent serious damage to your vehicle. In we give you an answer to the question of why my car is pulling .

Steps to follow:


The pulls of the car can be due to the fact that the catalyst is plugged, which means that the gases are not expelled as they should. The result is that, until it is revolutionized, the car goes stumbling. The best thing you can do is go to your trusted mechanic to fix it.


The cause of the pulls can also be the failure of a spark plug or its wires. In this case, you can solve the problem yourself. Check this article if you want to know how to change the spark plugs of the car.


If the throttle cable is badly worn, the car will jerk. It is best that you change it as soon as possible, because if it gets to break completely the vehicle will leave you lying where you are. Take the vehicle to the workshop to solve the fault.


Another cause of the pulls of the car are dirty injectors. Better to clean them as soon as possible to avoid costly repairs. You can do the operation yourself placing a specific product, which has a cost of about 20 euros, in the gas tank.


The coil of the car engine can be another reason for the car jerks. The deterioration of this component is mainly due to the fact that the engine is highly revolutionized. If your car has more than one coil and one of them is damaged, the car will stumble. In the case that it only has one coil, it will not start. Your mechanic will know how to fix it.


The pulls may be due to the gas filter being clogged because too much waste has accumulated. Go to your workshop to solve it.