How is zeal in cats

If you live with a cat that you have decided not to sterilize, surely you can be surprised by the sexual behaviors they have during the heat . It is important to know and understand these behaviors since your cat reaches sexual maturity to be able to live with your cat in these delicate days. Also, if you decide to sterilize your cat, you will have to spend the first heat as well, so for all this, from .com we tell you how zeal is in cats.


The age of the cats to reproduce begins between 8 and 12 months and ends around 7 years, while in cats it starts between 7 and 9 months and ends around 8 years.

Spring is the year of greatest reproductive activity for cats, but they can do so at any time of the year. Periods of heat vary from one breed to another and also depend on the environmental and physical conditions of the animal, for example a Siamese cat can have up to four periods of heat during the year, while other races usually have two jealousies per year.

It is important that a cat does not mate before reaching ten months of age because it would not be mature enough.

Domestic cats and farm cats

Domestic cats that live in an apartment or in a house can reproduce at any time of the year, however cats that live on farms or in a situation of semi-freedom, follow a more common patterns of reproduction (as happens to wild cats) . Therefore, the farm cats have a litter in early spring and another in mid-summer.

The period of heat

In the period of estrus, three phases are distinguished:

  • The precle . During this phase the cat experiences changes in its reproductive organs, which are shown ready for mating, fertilization and pregnancy. She is restless, affectionate when she is caressed and has a slight change in her vulva.
  • The zeal . It begins approximately five days after the beginning of the precle. In this period the cat is receptive, ready and eager for mating to occur. At this stage if it does not mate it cries, moans, contorts and rubs against the ground. Try to leave the house in search of the male. In the most intense moment of the heat, the cat emits intense screams and her contortions become more violent. If the back is caressed, the cat will adopt the posture to mate.
  • When mating does not occur. In this phase the cat relaxes and its reproductive system also, remaining at rest.

The cat

In the case of the male, he can mate at any time of the year as long as he has reached his sexual maturity. The cat does not follow cycles of heat as it happens to females.


The cat is attracted to the cat by its peculiar smell, by the calls it emits. The smell and calls of the cat in heat can be recognized by a male several kilometers away. The cat will go in search of the cat and in her encounter the cat will adopt postures that will feed the male's excitement and will want to mate as quickly as possible.

When mating is prepared by man, both animals are prepared for the moment. Separating them in rooms divided by grids for several days until the moment of mating. In this way they get used to each other.

The mating

At the time of mating the male cat knows that the female is ready when it adopts a characteristic posture, twisted backwards with the front legs bent and the tail turned to the side. To produce the mating, the cat covers the cat producing copulation and ends when the cat grunts the male, which will be when they separate.


Remember that if you have any doubt about your cat's or cat's zeal, or if you should castrate it or not and why, do not hesitate to go to the vet to advise you of the most appropriate options.