What are the types of motorcycle license?

If you plan to go to two wheels, it is important that you know all the motorcycle licenses that exist today and even if you can drive the motorcycle you want to buy with your car permit. Depending on the bike license you prepare, you will have the option to drive a more or less wide range of two or three-wheeled vehicles. For you to be well informed on the subject, in .com we explain in detail what are the types of motorcycle license.

Steps to follow:


At present, in Spain four types of motorcycle license are valid and each of them enables to drive different types of two or three wheel vehicles. In addition, there are differences in ages to access these cards. The motorcycle licenses are the following:

  • A.M
  • A1
  • A2
  • TO


Motorcycle license AM. It is the motorcycle permit to take less powerful vehicles and, therefore, from 15 years and you can get this card, but until you reach the age of majority will not be able to take passengers. The AM motorcycle license allows you to drive two- or three-wheeled mopeds and lightweight quadricycles.


Motorcycle license A1. This other motorcycle license already allows to carry more capacity bikes and, therefore, age is somewhat more restrictive since you have to have at least 16 years to remove it. Regarding the type of vehicles that can be driven once this permit is obtained, it is about tricycles with a motor of up to 15 kW of power and motorcycles of 125 cc of displacement and maximum power of 11 kW.


Motorcycle license A2. As you will intuit, with the A2 you can already have access to larger bikes. That's right, since this permit enables you to drive motorcycles of a total of 35 kW with a power / weight ratio of a maximum of 0.2 kW / Kg. As with the B car license, you must be 18 years old to obtain this type of driving license. It is necessary to comment that with 2 years of experience in the A1 and with a test in the open road to traffic you have the possibility to get this permission.


Motorcycle license A. Finally, if the A2 permit opens the way to the big motorcycles, with the A you no longer have a limitation. Of course, until you have 20 years and 2 years of experience with the A2, you can not obtain this driver's license. When you get it, you can carry all kinds of motorcycles without limitation of power and motor tricycles up to 15 kW.