What are the most dangerous distractions when driving

Facts as everyday as a sneeze, an itch or an insect that bothers us can become great dangers if they happen to us when we are in front of a vehicle, as they are often the cause of accidents with serious consequences. Therefore, before we start driving, even if we are only going to make a short journey, we have to prepare ourselves in an appropriate way and make ourselves aware that we are doing an activity that requires our attention. To help you drive safely, in .com we explain what are the most dangerous distractions when driving .

Steps to follow:


A sneeze makes us irremediably close our eyes, something very dangerous if we are driving . The itching that precedes it, in addition, will make us stop putting all our senses in circulation . Therefore, if we are chilled, it is advisable to avoid driving . In any case, if we have to do it in an irremediable way, we will reduce the speed when we see that we are going to sneeze or, even if we do not hinder the circulation, we will stop the vehicle.

If we have allergies, we will take our medication before embarking on a long trip and clean the car to avoid as much as possible the elements that cause us sneezing. In addition, we will circulate with the windows raised.


Another dangerous distraction when driving is an insect that gets into the car, especially if it is a wasp or a bee, which will cause us pain if it bites us. If we have the bad luck that an insect enters the car while driving, we must remain calm and stop the vehicle as soon as we can.

We never have to try to kill the bug with our hands or make it come out the window while we drive . It does not hurt to bring a small bottle of insecticide with us, to use when we have stopped the vehicle.


Electronic devices are also great enemies of safe driving . Changing a CD, the radio station, checking a mobile phone message or answering a call, as well as being some of them illegal acts, are all causes of dangerous driving distractions .

So, if we travel alone we have to program everything so that we do not need to make changes or consult these devices. In the event that we have occupants, they will be responsible for doing so.


Precisely, if these occupants are children can be a source of dangerous distractions . Therefore, part of the education of our children should be their behavior when driving, leaving them clear that they should not make sudden movements inside the vehicle and keep in mind that we should only be on the road.

If we travel with babies and have an incidence, we must assess whether it is a priority to attend to driving or to the child. Before a choking or a sudden cry we want to answer, what we have to do is stop the car.