How to tint the glasses of the car

Having a car with tinted windows is very easy, despite what may seem at first. We can do it ourselves if we buy the necessary elements, which have a very reasonable price if we take into account the innumerable benefits of having dark glasses .

In addition to the aesthetic part, we will achieve more privacy and be more protected against the sun, UVA rays and the breakage of the windows. To know how to perform the process safely, in .com we explain how to tint the windows of the car .

You will need to:
  • Dark films, water, soap, dryer, brush
Steps to follow:


The first thing we have to do is buy the sheets that will be used to tint the car's windows . In any large area that has a department for the car or in specialized stores we can acquire them. The price is between 20 and 60 euros.


Next, we have to prepare our car to install the sheets . The process is not dangerous, so we can do it anywhere. What we have to do is to clean the car's glass thoroughly, with soap and water, so that no dirt remains between the sheet and the glass . We can help with a brush and we must know that the sheets are installed on the inside of the glass.


Once they are well cleaned the windows of the car is when we separate the protective plastic from the sheet and stick it to the glass of the car, on the inside of the vehicle, carefully so that no wrinkles remain.


Once the sheet is pasted, with a dryer and a brush we will proceed to the finish, so that the tinted part is adhered to the glass completely and the surface is completely ready.


In this way, we will have our car with the tinted windows .

  • So that the tinting of the car's windows does not pose any problem when passing the ITV, you must have a certificate of homologation of the manufacturer of the sheets.