How the timing belt breaks

The timing belt is one of the basic parts that guarantee a synchronized movement of the car's engine, since it ensures that the coordination between valves and pistons is adequate. If this piece is damaged, you may find yourself facing a serious problem, since replacing it is very complicated and requires many hours of work, resulting in a high bill in the workshop. In .com we help you understand how the timing belt breaks.

Steps to follow:


In most cases, the distribution belt breaks down due to use, that is, as a result of the natural wear and tear of its operation. If we follow the maintenance instructions of the manufacturer, we will ensure that it does not break down prematurely and even lengthen its useful life but it will reach a point where it will break down.

An indication in kilometers of what is the duration of the timing belt is 95, 000 kilometers . Beyond, it will touch a change. In any case, consult the manual of your vehicle as there are variations depending on the models and the most modern cars usually last longer.

In we tell you when to change the timing belt.


A circumstance that causes the distribution belt to break is the realization, often, of short trips with the car and in conditions of very low temperatures or with the cold engine. For example, the cars that provide taxi services are somewhat risky, since they are circulating all day but with stops that cause the engine to be cold when a new journey begins.


The opposite situation, that is, driving at very high speeds continuously, also causes the timing belt to break . So, in addition to your safety and that of the rest of the occupants of the road, to avoid faults in the timing belt leads moderately and respecting the speed limits.


There are circumstances that are less within your control that help break the timing belt. Thus, if you are forced to drive often on very dusty terrain, you have more risks of breakdown since excessive dust can continuously affect this part of the car's engine.


One tip is that you change the timing belt when instructed by the manufacturer. Otherwise, you risk that this is broken with the possibility that next to it break down other basic parts of your car's engine.

In general, performing a good maintenance of the car is a good investment that can save you later afflictions and improve your safety on the road.