How to train a Belgian shepherd

With the name of Belgian shepherd we can refer to four different races: malinois, laekenois, groenendael and tervueren. According to the countries, these four races are differentiated or grouped under the same name. In any case, it is a very intelligent dog, traditionally used as a herding dog. In fact, it is still a grazing dog in many areas and is even known as a "Belgian sheep". In addition to this, you can perform tasks of guardian, tracker, defender ...

If you want to know how to train a Belgian pastor to maximize their intelligence and enjoy their wonderful company, do not miss this article where we explain everything.

Basic characteristics of the Belgian shepherd

Although there are four races, they have many features in common, which is why in some countries they are only referred to as a Belgian shepherd, without more. The size of the Belgian shepherd is usually about 61 cm in average height at the withers and the weight is around 30 kg . Its average life expectancy is 14 years .

As for the character, it is a protective, obedient and affectionate dog, which is also suitable for living with children. In addition, it is an active dog, which needs space to exercise. The Belgian shepherd is a faithful dog, agile, with reflexes, strong, quick and easy to educate and train .

Why train a dog?

Many people acquire an animal as a pet without thinking about their basic education or training and coaching . In the case of dogs, a minimum education is important so that, at least, they learn to obey very basic orders. In this way, we make sure that the coexistence will be pleasant and there will be no unexpected surprises. This education has to start when you get home and stay on time. In addition, it must be firm but not violent, but must be positive, and known to all people living in the house, so as not to create confusion for our dog. In addition to this basic education, we can train you in some more skills.

What are the benefits of training a dog ? Let's see some of them:

  • The bond between the two will be strengthened.
  • It will reduce your stress.
  • It will be more sociable with other dogs and people.
  • The relationship between the two will be more pleasant, because it will improve communication and reduce the frustration caused by the lack of understanding.

The training of the Belgian shepherd

The Belgian shepherd, as we said, needs space because he is a very active dog . It is advisable to know all the details of his character before taking him home because if you are sedentary and not very active, both he and you will be unhappy in this regard. You need constant activity on a regular basis, so you should offer long walks.

The training of the Belgian shepherd is carried out through physical training, so it is key to strengthen this point. If we have it from puppy, we must allow it to socialize from very small and to play with other dogs.

It is important to keep him in good spirits and happy through the activity, without further ado, to be able to start training. Simply with the long walks in the open air is enough to start.

Subsequently, it is time to add rewarding search games . If you took it as a puppy, keep in mind its age, always so as not to exceed the time or difficulty of the games; Use common sense.

Later, the games of persecution and those in which we throw balls or other toys are perfect for the Belgian pastor. It is better to distribute the activity in a while in the morning and another in the afternoon, so as not to exhaust it.

A complement to all this is, when you are used to the above, to accompany you to exercise . Whether it's running or going by bike (there are special accessories to wear it attached), you'll love accompanying you, being with you doing new things and increasing your endurance. Again, use common sense to not force him.

It is worth remembering that in education and training it is fundamental to reward good behaviors and we must not punish, much less hit to penalize bad behavior. The punishment in dogs is ineffective and harmful : it will generate stress, frustration and fear and, therefore, the relationship between the two will be impaired.