How to choose between a car with manual or automatic transmission

When buying a car we must evaluate many aspects beyond the price and the model. Maintenance, vehicle performance and comfort are some of the premises on which we think, but the type of transmission is also an important aspect for most drivers. Do not know how to decide? In .com we give you some tips so you can discover how to choose between a car with manual and automatic transmission .

Steps to follow:


In European countries, manual cars are the market leaders, while in Asia and the United States, automatic cars are very successful. For its part, in Latin America the market is a little more balanced, with an important public that prefers the automatic and another that opts for the manual.


One of the first aspects that we evaluate when buying a vehicle, beyond the model, is the price. At this point the manual transmission cars have an important advantage, because they are cheaper than the automatic, becoming the best option for those who prefer to save a little more money.


The car with manual transmission is perfect if you enjoy driving, changing gear and having the maximum control when you are at the wheel. The braking system is more efficient due to the use of the gears, which makes the maintenance of a manual vehicle in this aspect more economical than that of automatic changes.


In countries where manual transmission is more popular, there are many more model options when buying a new car and at the same time the price for resale is better. But if in your country the automatic cars occupy an important market, it is likely that you will not have problems when choosing a model, although you should always consider that if the manufacturer is European it probably does not have many alternatives in automatic transmission.


Those who prefer automatic cars claim that the comfort of this type of vehicle is insurmountable, because it is not necessary to constantly change speeds. A car with automatic transmission is the best option if you have problems or injuries in the left knee or live in a city with too much traffic, in which driving a manual car can become an inconvenience.


The fuel consumption of a manual car is less than that of an automatic car, this represents an important advantage for many drivers who are looking to save on a day-to-day basis.


At the moment of making long trips, the automatic car is the most comfortable option, because it allows a greater rest to the driver, reason for which many people bet on this alternative.


In conclusion, the manual transmission cars are the best option for those who prefer to have total control of the vehicle and those who enjoy driving by changing gears effectively, while automatic vehicles are a great alternative for those who prefer comfort, especially in traffic situations or long trips.