Costumes for a bachelorette party

Are you planning the bachelorette party of one of your friends? If so, surely you have a lot of fun ideas to celebrate such an event, because a friend does not get married every day. The place to celebrate the event, the list of guests, activities, games, erotic details ... Nothing can be missing! But if you want the fun is assured and the future bride says goodbye to her singleness without going unnoticed, you can not forget a good disguise.

Since memorial times, disguises have been a way to break free, to leave your own self to become anything else. So make the future bride stop being politically correct and make it an unforgettable day for her by making her play someone else. In .com we love parties, so we propose some costumes for a bachelorette party. They will leave the bride with their mouths open and they will make you have a great time. To play!

Costumes for bridal shower: rules

In the first place, the bride must be aware that the day of the farewell she is the protagonist but that the rules put you. It's time to do crazy things, to have fun and run wild, so losing a bit of paper is not a problem. On the other hand, so that she feels more enveloped and all the guests actively participate in the event, we advise you to accompany the bride and her costume. Without shame!

But any disguise is not worth it . You must take into account some requirements so that the attire does not embitter the day of the future bride. The important thing is to take into account the personality of the girl. While you should be aware that you should let yourself go, it is important that you feel comfortable with your proposal, only that way you will get uninhibited and have a great time.

If she is a chameleon girl who loves to dress up, you can think of a super costume in which she sits in her sauce. If, on the other hand, it is shameful, it should be something more progressive, start with antennas and wings, a clown nose and a wig, or simpler things until you have become accustomed.

Costumes for a bachelorette party: the bride

You do not have to spend with the future bride although the goal is to get the attention of everyone. Therefore, we advise you to adapt the choice of costume to the environment and the place where the event will take place. By this we mean that if you go out to a disco, it is better to discard the very thick costumes that give you warmth like a bear, but a disguise with which you can move perfectly. What about a nun, a butterfly, a mime or a bubble ?

As we said, you should take into account the personality of the bride. Disguise it as an angelic fairy and accompany it as evil witches, or choose to be the cowgirls who have prisoner to India, or cops and inmates ... She should always give the note and be the center of attention!

For the most daring and creative, why not disguise the bride's cake, fried egg or some tasty dish ... A perfect and irresistible menu with which you will die of laughter. Also, do not rule out more classic ideas such as the hippie party, the Smurfette costume, the kitten costume or the Hawaiian costume. Whatever your choice, make your friend's bachelorette party unforgettable. You will have a great time!

Costumes for a bachelorette party: in a group

All in disguise! The most fun is that you choose a theme and all participate in the costume . For example, she the ant queen and you the antlers, the queen of rock and her choristers or a hippie farewell. And why not dress her as a man, something completely opposite to what she is. Any option is valid to celebrate the end of the bachelor of a friend . Play!

On the other hand, you must take into account the budget you have for the costume. It is not the same to buy details as a whole costume, although you can also make it yourself. Some tutus, flower necklaces, diadems with varied antennae, bands of bachelorette party, wigs and sunglasses, whistles ... Everything goes!

Costumes for a bachelorette party: ideas

Try not to disguise the bride with a sexy or ordinary attire . The best thing is to bet on something unusual that makes you have fun while you spend a memorable day. A dress from Seville, a Hawaiian dress for a beach party, geisha, African tribe or rock. As you already know, anything goes.

A great option is to look for an idea and that both the costumes and the activities go around it. For example, if you select the Sevillian dress for the bride, another can go to bullfighter, bull ... All accompanied by many moles, fans, art and flamenco. The ideas of original costumes are endless. Which one is yours?