How to brush my cat's hair

Cat owners love their company but there is a constant complaint about having a cat as a pet: the amount of hair that is released throughout the house and that is often difficult to clean. Control this problem is not as difficult as it seems and the key is just to comb the animal, so in .com we explain how to brush the hair of your cat while you give a little pampering and affection.

Steps to follow:


Brushing your cat is a great way to spoil it but it will also help you remove knots in your fur, get rid of the hairs that have fallen and make sure you are healthy and free of fleas


The ideal is to accustom it to this from small, depending on how long the hair will need to be brushed every two days or in the case of short coats once a week


Choose a soft bristle brush purchased from a specialty store to make sure it will not hurt you. Peinalo with gentle movements in the style of a massage, you can start with his neck and continue towards his back, legs, sides and finally the tail


In the case of cats with long hair like the Siberian you should start by brushing it with a wide tooth comb to untangle any knot, then use one of finer teeth to continue with the work


Never brush close to your eyes, your whiskers or beard because this will not please the animal and far from a moment of peace for both of you you will only get your cat to get upset


Brushing part of the neck is a generally pleasant sensation for cats, so before finishing it passes through this area again so that your animal feels completely happy with the work


Apart from brushing your cat there are other tricks to avoid that your house is full of hairs, discover them in this article