How to bathe a dog that does not like water

One of the routines to which you must accustom your dog is to the bathroom so if you want to bathe your dog but have a fear of water, we invite you to continue reading. If your pet does not support the water whatever the reason you will have to see how to make the moment as bearable as possible. A toilet full of security, love and distractions will make that hygiene routine is better carried by your dog. In .com we tell you how to bathe a dog that does not like water.

Steps to follow:


There are dogs that do not pose any problem or resistance when you have to bathe them but there are other dogs that feel fear when they know that the dreaded moment of the bath is approaching. Despite this, it is recommended that your dog take a bath once a month if you reside in a city and if you live in rural areas, even a couple of times a month. Everything will depend on the pace of your pet's life and whether it gets very dirty or not.

To begin you must understand that this fear is the result of bad experiences, a dog is born with no fear of water. A domestic can usually develop that fear by some negative past experience so whenever you see the bathtub or the water you will come back with memories of those experiences.

In this article we tell you how to bathe your dog at home in case you need some advice before starting to establish this routine in your home.


The most important thing is to turn the toilet into a safe and relaxing experience . Take care of all the details of that moment and everything will be fine so that your dog does not get so stressed. It is recommended that you put an anti-slip mat in the bathtub, so that it does not slip or slip; With this coating your pet will feel less vulnerable in the bathroom.

If your pet is small or small, maybe the bathtub is a very unstable place. In that case, better use the basin sink or a basin with sufficient depth. You should also avoid putting objects within your reach and that can fall, such as the specific shampoo bottle for dogs, mostly because if something falls while you bathe the scare will be printing and will not help the atmosphere is good for a can be scared


A good idea may be to share the bathtub with your pet, so it will be a way to strengthen ties and be clothed and safe in that space. With some dogs it works, so you could try to get in the bathroom while you wash it, to relax it, to caress it and have a nice time.

An important recommendation for the bathroom is that you do not use the shower because the noise and the impact of the pressure water will increase your fear. You can use a small bucket or basin to pour little by little water on the body of your pet, in this way the fear will decrease. While you bathe him, talk, caress his head and his whole body. The tone of voice while speaking to you is important, it should be calm and not at all strident, if you sound tense or nervous, you will associate the bathroom as an anguishing experience.


Many dogs feel panic and claustrophobia if they are in confined spaces such as the shower or bathtub so it is possible that the bath will produce negative emotions that prevent you from coping with this situation. To make this easier, do not close the bathroom door and do not completely close the screen or curtain so you will feel that there is an escape route and is not trapped in a small space.

So that the bathroom can become a calm and even fun routine, the toys and prizes are perfect to help your dog to support the water, it will be a fun invitation to feel less and less afraid of the bathroom. There are plenty of rubber toys suitable for playing in the bathtub, start playing outside the toilet to distract and stimulate, and little by little, bring the party to the bathroom.


The edible prizes are a great alternative to encourage a dog with fear of water. This, together with affection, patience, an adequate temperature in the bathroom and water at about 39 degrees will make your pet enjoy the bath as a pleasant and even fun experience.

If your dog has come home as a puppy, make grooming a positive experience from the first moment. The first times a dog is bathed will mark his attitude to water in the future. In this article we tell you when to start bathing a dog.