How to bathe a ferret

Do you have a ferret as a pet and want to give him a good bath? Like any animal and especially if it is your first time it is normal to feel somewhat stressed or frightened. Be as it is each pet is a world and you have to do the possible thing because the moment of bath is very pleasant and nothing traumatic. In .com we tell you how to bathe a ferret so that the experience is fun and very relaxing.

Steps to follow:


To begin with, you should not bathe your ferret very often. The skin of these animals produces oils that are responsible for the intense smell they give off. By giving them a bath you eliminate those oils and automatically the skin starts to generate more oil to compensate for that loss. That is, the more you bathe your ferret, the more oils it will produce and the more it will smell.

You must bear in mind that right after giving him a bath your pet will smell much more than before and it is something totally normal. That is why it is recommended to bathe your ferret 1 time a month or even every 2 or 3 months . If you can hold it without washing it is often better to maintain the natural balance of your skin. Although if your pet gets dirty and the only way to clean it is a bath, do not have a problem doing it.


Before bathing your ferret you must have everything you need prepared. So think about everything you will need so that once you take your ferret out of the cage and take him to the bathroom, you do not have to suffer any interruption that will generate more stress than desired. You will need special shampoo for ferrets, fill a pile or container with warm water with maximum 10 centimeters of water.

It is preferable that in the first baths you put too little water but if you see the time you enjoy the bath, fill the container a little more to swim and play. You should have a medium or large towel on hand when you take it out of the bathroom. If you have a toy that you like, put it on the pile so that it recognizes some familiar object.


The next important step since you have to show him the water before you start with the cleansing ritual. Try to put your pet in the water little by little, let him become familiar with the water, caress him and play a little. He may try to climb your arm while you play, so you'll have to put him back in the water. Once you have been in the water for a few minutes, start lathering, mix some soap in your hand with water and massage it all over your body to create foam.

If you do it out of the water, it is best to separate it from your body because otherwise it will cling to you and you will not be able to do it well. Be very careful with your head so you do not get soap in your eyes.


After soaping and we can start with the rinse, start by leaving it a little in the sink or the container you use as a bathtub. In there you can remove much of the soap and then take your ferret in your hands, turn on the tap and if the temperature and pressure is soft start to rinse everything. When all the soap has been removed, empty the pile and let it stay a little inside so that it dries a little on its own. Then take the towel and wrap it inside to absorb all the moisture well.

If you see that it tolerates the dryer well you could put it at low power and with the tempered air to finish drying it and without any risk to your delicate skin. If the dryer stresses a lot you can finish drying it well with the towel and then put on a surface to give the sun.


After drying and although the ferrets have a short hair it is advisable to give a good brushing for the final touch-up. With the brush you will get him to relax as if you were giving him a massage and in addition all the dead hair will fall. And after this cleaning session remember to give a good reward as a reward to your ferret for how well he has behaved. If your pet positively associates these moments you can do it whenever it is needed and without problems.

If you need more information regarding the care of this animal, we inform you about how to care for a ferret and how to feed a ferret. Take care of your best friend!