How to bathe a hedgehog

Do you want to know how to clean a hedgehog ? If you have not yet bathed your pointy pet do not worry because in this article we are going to give you some clues. It's very simple, you just need patience and care. Like any pet that does not know what a bath entails, the first few times will be somewhat complicated because of the strangeness of the moment but in .com we tell you how to bathe a hedgehog.

Steps to follow:


You can bathe your hedgehog every 2 or 3 months and you should always do it in a very shallow container or in the bathroom sink. You should wash your pet with warm water and soap for a dog or cat with a neutral pH and without any odor. Have at hand a towel suitable for your size and an exclusive toothbrush for your hedgehog, so you will thoroughly clean your tines. In addition to the towel and brush, also prepare the dryer to have it close and dry your body immediately after bathing.


You must bear in mind that your hedgehog may frighten or put some resistance to water but it is the most natural and, to avoid being afraid, it is best to fill the container with water before catching your pet. It is also possible that your hedgehog, while bathing, defecates since it is a normal behavior, you will simply have to change the water several times. If you prefer to avoid this, bathe your hedgehog one day that you have eaten less .


In case you did not know, hedgehogs like to swim so, if you see that he feels comfortable, let him entertain himself in the water before the bath. But do not leave it unsupervised. Above all you should pay attention to the water level so that it does not cover your head, as much water should cover your legs without reaching your neck. To start bathing you should hold it on one of your hands and, with the other, pour a little warm water on your body very slowly.


Once you relax the spikes, rub gently towards the tail making foam, and then put your hedgehog on his back, rub his belly, his paws and rinse it so that no soap remains on his skin. After the washing and rinsing session you will have to dry your legs and your tines with the towel, rubbing them backwards. Repeat this operation as many times as necessary. Then, take the dryer and with a not too hot temperature just dry it.


If your pet does not like the bath session very much and stresses him too much, you can at least try to wash his legs . Normally the hedgehogs tend to relieve themselves while they run, so if this happens, you could take advantage and clean only their little legs. In that case, you can take a container, put some warm water and let it walk in the water to clean its extremities, then dry them well.

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