How to bathe my dog ​​for the first time

A new pet is always a reason for joy and a perfect excuse to play and have fun, but puppies also require attention and one of the things that most owners ask is how and when to bathe the dog for the first time . In .com we give you all the information you need about the subject.

Steps to follow:


Bathing in dogs does not have a fixed periodicity, it will depend more on the activity of the animal, on how much it gets dirty, on the smell that comes off its fur, among other factors. Currently veterinarians recommend doing it only when necessary


In the case of puppies most of the specialists agree that before bathing for the first time we must wait until the complete vaccination cycle is completed, in this way the animal will be completely protected and with its system strengthened


Before proceeding to the bathroom, start by brushing your hair and checking that your skin is in perfect condition, without wounds, lumps, or traces of fleas and ticks. In this way you will ensure that your puppy is healthy


Remember that the bathroom experience is new for the animal so you must be very affectionate, careful and above all patient to make it as pleasant as possible. If your puppy is small you can put it in a bathtub, basin or container, in this way you can better control the situation


Use caresses and movements that make you feel safe during the bath, do not forget small details like using warm water, in this way the discomfort will be less


Another important aspect, especially in dogs with long hair, is to accustom them from small to the use of the dryer . It is important that the coat is well dry to avoid irritation and fungus on your skin, always use cold temperature and low speed, at first the noise may scare you but once you get used to it there will be no problem


Dogs should not bathe too often because doing so eliminates the natural protection that their skin produces which could be harmful to them. Do it alone when necessary. If before your dog is fully vaccinated you need to give him a bath then he resorts to the dry option, much simpler than the regular bath


And if your puppy needs a good bath but you do not feel capable of doing it safely and effectively, then it is best to take it to your veterinarian or to a canine hairdresser for a specialist to take care of the process. If you are afraid of being nervous, ask about the possibility of accompanying him during the process


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