How to bathe my Angora rabbit

From .com we have talked to you about what the Angora rabbit is and what its care should be . But you have to be especially careful with the bath of this rabbit since it is not like any rabbit because of its fur. It has a long and silky coat, and you should be clear about its cleaning so that it does not get dirty or knots. Usually you have to avoid bathing but with its fur there are times that is inevitable and must be done. That's why, from .com, we're going to advise you on how to bathe my Angora rabbit .

Steps to follow:


If you do not see it necessary to take a bath, only bathe that part that has been soiled. This will prevent your rabbit from stressing unnecessarily.


Use special shampoo for dogs and cats, in case you do not find specific shampoo for rabbit. It is very important that it is a hypoallergenic shampoo without soap. You can also use shampoo for babies, but never for adults.


You can use your bathtub or a basin to bathe your Angora rabbit. Fill it with a few fingers of warm water (as if it were for a baby), do not do it with cold water so it does not catch a cold.


When you put your rabbit in the water, do it carefully and soap the fur with the shampoo. Speak to him in a soft and affectionate voice so he does not get nervous and do it slowly.


Rinse it with warm water with your own hands.


To dry your Angora rabbit, do it with a towel until it is dry and then brush it. Avoid the dryers because the noise they make can stress you, plus the air is too hot and can irritate your rabbit's eyes.


To wash your face do not use the shampoo, thus preventing it from getting into the eyes. I advise you to use cleansing wipes for dogs and cats for the face.


Remember that if you bathe your rabbit, do not be more than three times a year . During the rest of the year, take special care with brushing your rabbit's fur and clean it with dog and cat wipes.