How to help abandoned dogs

How many times have we felt indignation at the abandonment of animals ? While it is true that, somehow, people are aware of the overpopulation that is created every summer in the protectors, the result of so much indignation has always ended in 'nothing'. What is the use of knowing injustice if we do not take responsibility for it? In this article we are going to teach you step by step how to convert all that energy to help a dog abandoned .

Steps to follow:


Adopt it . It seems that, unfortunately, in Spain the abandonment is a practice too common with more than 200, 000 dogs a year. It is surprising to know that this action is completely unjustified: they are usually dogs of all ages, healthy and affectionate.


Collaborate as a partner If you can not have a puppy at home for lack of space, why not have the 150? Associations like APROLANGREO allow you to help these defenseless animals for only 6 euros per month.


Provides punctual equipment . Do you have blankets left at home? Perfect! In the protections of animals, we need many more things than we could imagine: medicines, pallets, towels, blankets ...


Become a volunteer Going to the animal shelter and offering your hand will not only help abandoned dogs that thanks to you may be happy for a moment, but it will really make you feel better about yourself and could even become therapeutic. Yes, if you can only half an hour a month, then half an hour, but no one is waiting for a volunteer who, finally, does not appear.

  • Always remember that, if you are willing to adopt, you must seriously reflect if you can afford it and if your lifestyle can meet the basic needs of a pet for many years. If the answer is yes, enjoy your new best friend!