How to help my cat to give birth

Your pet is pregnant and during all these weeks you have given all the attention and care it deserves, and when the arrival of childbirth approaches you want to stay close in case something gets complicated. In principle most of the cats can give birth without difficulty, but it is important to know when things are going well and when the animal needs our attention, so in .com we give you some tips to help you discover how to help your cat to give birth .

Steps to follow:


Detect when your cat is about to give birth is simple if you observe their behavior: the animal loses its appetite, assumes a strange behavior can be elusive and often licks the vulva. Given these signals the moment is very close so you must stay alert


The most usual thing is that, a few days before the birth, we prepare a box with cotton cloths so that our cat stops and the kittens are warm and comfortable. But if for some reason the animal has decided to do it on the ground you should not move it from place, rather place around it some clean towels so that the young find heat when leaving


Once all the kittens are outside you can then move the whole family to the box. Take into account that for this step you must have really good relationship with the cat, because her instinct leads her to protect the young and could get something violent. If he trusts you then he will know that you will not hurt him


Each baby is born in an independent bag that the cat will clean and then pass to cut the umbilical cord. In the event that your cat does not clean the bag you should do it yourself. With a clean and soft towel take the animal and veil cleansing, especially in his mouth and nose, then rub it to help him breathe


If your pet also does not cut the umbilical cord you must also intervene. In principle do not get nervous, take a piece of thread, pass it by alcohol and tie the cord with about 2cms of separation from the body of the baby, then leave another 2 cms and with a scissors also disinfected in alcohol, cut the cord. It is a fast process that only requires a little concentration and to maintain calm


With each young your cat will expel a placenta that will then be eaten. It is important to be aware that the animal expel all the placentas, if any after a day continues inside you should take your pet to the vet quickly


Once your cat finishes giving birth, the kittens will start to suckle. If someone is left behind you must bring it close to the tit and wait for it to grip it, this is very important so that all the animals get properly fed and survive


Do not be alarmed, the time between the departure of one cat and another can range between a few minutes and hours, so before worrying you should have a little patience and act only when you notice that, after 4 hours of birth, there is still some breeding inside, in that case you should call the vet


If you notice that your cat is in the process of contractions but can not give birth after several hours, you should go immediately to the veterinarian . The same happens if you detect that one of the kittens has remained in the birth canal