How to assemble and order a mouse cage

Before taking a mouse to live in your home you should give it a comfortable and fun space, you can not leave it in the bathtub. Here we show you everything you need to know to assemble the mouse cage and order it to have a happy life.

The cage for mice

If you do not have a cage, the first thing you should do is find the ideal space for this animal. Luckily there are some kind of standard measures for mice to live comfortably in an ideal space.

Space must allow mice to stop as well. The height of a stationary mouse is approximately 20 - 25 centimeters . Ideally, if you have a cage 50 centimeters high, have two levels or floors to take advantage of the space.

How many mice should I have

Only male mice can stand alone. If they are females, the ideal is to have at least 3, because if one dies unexpectedly, it is not advisable for one to remain.

Tanks are not a good idea

We are talking about fish tanks or another type of tank. They do not provide enough ventilation and it is really difficult for a mouse to climb, hammock and play. You may also have serious health problems due to the possibility of ammonia buildup.

The hiding place of the mouse

Do not forget to put a cut coconut, an igloo, or another type of place where the mouse can hide. This is one of the favorite areas of all rodents, and it will probably be your bed.

Substrate or hygienic bed

The substrate must be safe. Avoid these materials:

  • Newspaper
  • Toilet paper
  • Cedar
  • Pine tree
  • Poplar
  • Sand for cats

The best in this case are commercial hygienic beds made for mice, ask at the pet store. The best brands are hard to come by in Latin America.

Never use pine or cedar sawdust or other base, as a rodent's bed. It causes them serious respiratory problems.

Mice sleeping area

You need a safe material that you can put in your hiding place to sleep. Do not use soft, fluffy cotton because its members can get trapped and hurt.

The best for mice are cotton pods . It is natural cotton. This allows them to chew themselves and build their shelters.

The wheel

Mice need exercise ... they need the wheel. It can not be very small because it causes them problems in the spine, and should not have rays because the mouse could get stuck with its tail.

It is also good to have the acrylic ball to remove while cleaning the cage.

Toys for mice

Never forget a piece of wood for mice to chew. If you do not have something to chew on, your teeth will grow, and you will have to go to the vet to have them cut out. Yes, veterinarians do that.

Some good toys are:

  • Paper towel tubes
  • Hammocks
  • Rope toys

Avoid treated wood. A very natural toy is a cotton pod, which allows them to chew and make their own bed.

  • Hay is good for mice to chew. It helps in digestion.
  • Make sure the food is made for mice. It is difficult for them to drink from a bowl of water, instead they get a bottle for rodents that hangs on the edge of the cage, it is very useful.