How to feed a praying mantis

The praying mantis is an insect well known to South America. It is an insect of the Mantidae family. Its introduction was made in 1989, but even so, it is the official insecton of the state of Connecticut. If you have one of these and do not know how to feed it, we'll tell you how you can do it. Next we will explain how to feed a praying mantis that you have in your house.

Steps to follow:


The first thing we will explain is what is related to drinking, the mantis is an animal in which the intake of water is basic for food and hydration. The mantis is an animal that does not need much water when it is at home. The only thing that we will have to do is that the room where the mantis lives is humid, because of this we will release vaporized water once a week.


The mantis will see how it sucks the walls of the bottle where it lives, that it should be made of glass so that it can maintain humidity and transpire light. Sometimes the mantis will also lick its own body to hydrate slightly. As you see, water is not a good that this animal needs in abundance.


The amount of food also depends on the age of the praying mantis, as younger is more often eats, the old mantids can eat once every 4 days while a young mantis can eat each day.


The prey of the praying mantis can be devoured in part or in its entirety, leaving only as remains of the feast legs, wings or elytra, which the mantis scrupulously drops to the ground.


The mantis does not want dead insects . The mantids do not disable their victims, they simply start chewing. It is important to give them food two or three days.


If the crickets are very strong, they can be disabled by detaching the hind legs that are the strongest. You can feed the mantids by giving them insects caught with tweezers, but you must be prepared for the instantaneous reaction of the mantis and the grip with which it will seize the tweezers.


Most mantids eat insects . It is easy to get food for the mantids, catching flies, bees or other insects and then releasing them in the receptacle where he lives from the mantis. It is good that we put the animals alive, it is healthier food for the mantis. The key is to put small insects so you can eat them easily.


To determine the appropriate size of the victims, give the mantises different insects and observe the results. If the victims are too small, the mantids will not be able to catch them. If the victims are too large, the mantids will not be able to hold the victims for long enough or they will lose their balance.

  • In general, popular culture mistakenly presents the praying mantis as a dangerous and poisonous animal despite being totally harmless and beneficial to man, as it devours a large number of other insects.