How to feed a sterilized dog

Sterilization in dogs is a good option both to prevent diseases and to prevent the pregnancy of our dog or dogs, in case we have more than one at home. On the other hand, there is a greater possibility that our dog is overweight, since the rate of their metabolism decreases and their appetite increases. As a consequence, we must adapt the diet to the changes that sterilization entails, so that our dog has an adequate diet, as well as regular exercise in his routine. In we explain how to feed a sterilized dog .

Steps to follow:


The feeding of a dog that has been castrated should be based on low calorie food and allow it to be satiated so as not to generate anxiety. Currently, there is specific dog food for those who have been sterilized. In the same package usually appears the amount of food that we must give according to the kilos of the can. For this same reason, it will be important to know the weight of our dog, in addition to controlling that it is not fattening .


One of the most recommended options to know how to feed our sterilized dog is going to the vet. Although in the food packaging for our dog indicate the amount we should give, the veterinarian can advise us on the best diet taking into account the age, weight and breed . You can also recommend us about the division of food in less quantity but more rations, so that our dog can eat more times throughout the day, but always eating the same total amount .


If we take care of knowing how much food we should give our dog and how many servings, we should not fall into the mistake of feeding him between meals . This can cause you to break the balanced diet that allows you to stay in shape and contribute to fattening. You can give some specific candy for dog, but it must be punctually and without exceeding. In addition, it depends on how many specific treats for dogs we give, we must take into account that the ration of your food should decrease. The health of our dog is basic and depends largely on us.


If we are feeding our properly sterilized dog, within proper habits, there is nothing better and more necessary than supplementing it with a little exercise. This will also depend on the breed and age of each dog, but there is no doubt that every dog should do some exercise, both for their physical and psychological well-being. You can go for a walk around the park or to a place adapted for dogs and let it run for a while and play with other dogs. On weekends or when we have more free time, we can take the opportunity to take a trip and take our dog.


Among the different types of feed we can find, there are several characteristics that allow us to adapt to the nutritional needs of each animal. As explained previously, low calorie food allows the dog to eat without receiving an excessive number of calories. In turn, to be able to get our dog to be satiated, fiber is a fundamental element in its food, since it achieves this effect. In the event that our dog suffers from any disease that influences their diet, we should consult with the veterinarian to adapt their diet to their needs.


It is highly recommended to establish a routine in the feeding of our dog, in order to adjust a schedule to which it adapts and its appetite is more regular. If every day we change the hours in which we feed him, he is likely to suffer from anxiety, since he will not know when it is time for his meal. In addition, we must feed him in a suitable place, where he can eat quietly and without distractions.