How to feed a rat

Do you have a rat as a pet ? This animal needs a series of specific cares to be able to live in a healthy way and make your coexistence optimal. One of the fundamental care that you have to take into account so that this rodent lives well is the food since it usually has the wrong idea that they can eat anything but this is not true at all. You must take care of your rat with care and care watching different aspects such as food because it is one of the keys to make it strong and healthy. In .com we tell you how to feed a rat .

Steps to follow:


If you live with a rat, you should always provide it with food and water frequently because they have a very fast metabolism and need to eat very often. Never commit the imprudence of giving food of any kind, in poor condition or of poor quality because it can have deadly toxins.

An important fact about rats is that they can not vomit due to a flap in the stomach, so everything they eat goes directly to the digestive system. It is also not advisable to provide foods that give them gas because they can not burp.


Rats produce vitamin C so you do not have to give them too many foods with a lot of vitamin C because an excess could cause hypervitaminosis. Another tip that you should keep in mind is that they are pets that tend to obesity, so it is better not to go with foods rich in fats.

With all these tips we are going to give you some good guidelines to feed a rat . You will have to be somewhat patient especially when it comes to giving them new foods because they tend to reject them because they do not have the capacity to vomit. In we give you more tips so you know how to take care of a rat.


The best thing to feed a rat is the croquettes feed designed for rats, a perfect and complete food that contains all the nutrients so that your rat is healthy and energetic. Many mixtures of feed are not good enough for your pet to be fed perfectly but this type of feed is laboratory is not made with corn and contains a protein amount between 15 and 18%. With this type of feed you will have a large part of your pet's diet covered.


If you do not find a feed of that quality, the option that remains is to make specialized mixes for rats. You can use hamster feed of the best quality, remove the pipes and add some muesli that does not contain sugar. When you put this mixture of food, stay ahead to see what you eat, lest you start selecting and leave almost everything.


Besides the feed you can feed it fruit, cereal and vegetables but it can not be any type. Among them you can give: Swiss chard, cooked artichoke, cooked rice, zucchini, endive, fresh dandelion, asparagus, broccoli, peas, lettuce (in small quantities) and chickpeas. You can also give some fruits such as apricots or boneless cherries, sweet plums, coconut, strawberries, mandarin, apple without seeds, and melon, among others.