How to feed a papillera nymph

Do you have a beautiful baby nymph and you do not know how to feed him in that delicate stage of his life? Because in .com we are going to help you take good care of your little nymph. These birds are beautiful, intelligent and very sociable, and if you want to raise a baby you must be aware that it is something complex as well as a great responsibility, besides the breeding of chicks by hand is beautiful but very expensive. Keep reading to discover how to feed a nymph papillera.

Steps to follow:


The breeding of nymphs requires time and a lot of care since we will have to hand feed the small creatures to survive. The most advisable thing is not to separate them from the mother until after 20 days, since during this time they receive their defenses thanks to It is also not advisable to take much longer because there is a risk that they will reject the food that you feed them by hand and it will cost much more to feed your nymph .


Once you are out of the nest, to get a nymph papillera forward you should try to give them warmth and peace of mind. If necessary, place an artificial heat source to maintain your body temperature throughout the day. You must put the young in a resistant container and that it is easy to clean, adding in the bottom wood chips so that the leftovers and porridge do not accumulate.


The breeding of the nymphs should be with special papillas for this stage, which are normally found in animal stores where there are abundant products for birds, it is advisable to prepare them with bottled mineral water so as not to put their health at risk. The porridge must be heated at 40 degrees and the microwave can be used, the taps should be made with special spoons that mimic the parents' spout, although if you do not have them you can use plastic syringes (without the needle), it is a very simple way to feed and take advantage of all the food.


The takes and amounts of porridge recommended for your nymph papillera are the following:

  • From 1 to 4 days, you must feed your baby every 2 hours, an amount of 1 to 2 ml.
  • From 5 to 7 days, you must feed your baby every 3 hours, an amount between 2 and 3 ml.
  • From 8 to 14 days, you must feed your nymph 5 times a day, an amount between 4 and 6 ml.
  • From 15 to 20 days, you must feed your nymph 4 times a day, an amount between 7 and 10 ml.

If you do not find papillas in specialized stores, or simply if you prefer to give homemade food, then we explain an alternative to prepare your own food.


You can feed your nymph the typical cereal porridge with fruit, but it is very important that you do not have any milk in its composition . You can mix this porridge with warm water so that it has a more liquid consistency and that the temperature is warm. You can also make a simple pap with bread crumbs and fruits such as apple and pear, crush it, add water, and administer it using the warm syringe.


Once a month has passed, the nymph will be stronger and more active. You will need more space and even after 40 days you will be able to manage adult food and some fresh ingredients so that you can peck, as you eat adult food, you will want less and less to eat porridge. Gradually you can remove the porridge and replace it with the mixture and fresh food, this will occur approximately at 2 months.


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