How to adopt an abandoned dog

With more than 600, 000 dogs stranded each year, avoiding the abandonment of animals in Spain has become a matter of vital importance. If lately you have been considering the option of bringing a new best friend home, surely you have not ruled out the variable that comes from an animal protector and ask yourself what you have to do and what the requirements are.

You will need to:
  • DNI (being of legal age)
  • Between 70 and 120 euros.
Steps to follow:


Find out about the volunteer schedule of the nearest animal shelter and go there in that time slot. If you live in Barcelona, ​​two of the most important organizations that offer a good service are the Protectora de Mataró and the CAAC.


When you arrive, ask for the dog that you are interested in the manager of the protector, he will tell you the number of the cage and kindly ask a volunteer to accompany you to her to give you a ride together.


If you feel comfortable with him and the dog adapts to the quality of life you can offer, let the manager know and you will begin the adoption process .


During the adoption process you must submit a photocopy of your ID and sign the contract in question. This means that the protector has been responsible for both legalizing the dog (placement of the chip, vaccines, booklet, etc.) and deworming it. Depending on the protector in question, you must provide a specific monetary amount . Normally this amount is between 70-120 euros.


Once adopted, you can go home to enjoy your new best friend. However, remember that in the near future you will receive a home visit from the protector to ensure that the dog is in good condition. In fact, this is one of the conditions included in the adoption contract previously signed.

  • Reflect seriously if the dog you want to adopt can be adopted to the rhythm of your life. If you are a quiet person, try to adopt a dog of the same characteristics, to be able to meet your basic needs for many years.