How to present my company to a client

Suppose you have gotten a meeting with someone (a client or a potential partner) to whom you want to make a proposal. You prepare two presentations with the Power Point (one of the company, and another one of the products and / or services that you are going to propose), the loads in the laptop, print some color copies and go there. You want everything to be perfect, that you have no doubt about the great proposal you have and how good it would be to work with you, right? You have already sown the seeds of disaster before leaving your office. You have already done things that you should not do and you have missed other things that are important. And you could have avoided it with these five tips in mind:

Find out who you are going to see

Browse through your website, see what products you sell, what market you go to, where you have branches, what partners you work with ... And then search on Google for everything you can find, both from the company and related to it. Search, for example, who your competition is . Do not forget to investigate the people you will see: the more you know about them, the better.

Do not tell your life

The temptation to dedicate "no more than five minutes" to presenting our company is very strong, but you have to resist it. The client knows that you are going to exaggerate and put yourself in defensive mode, while he begins to think about the tasks that are pending . Forget the pretense of convincing a client of the benefits of your company.

Do not bring a standard presentation

Adapt your presentation to the client you're going to see. No, adapting your presentation is not to put on the first page "presentation for Ultramarinos Bermúdez" and paste in a corner of each sheet the logo of Ultramarinos Bermúdez that you have downloaded from the Internet. Of course, a poorly personalized presentation is even worse than one without personalization. Each example that you include has to do with the client's business : that the advantages that you explain are those that your company will achieve and not another client, etc. This is what you have researched about it.


At the beginning of the presentation invites the client to interrupt at any time to ask you any questions. If it does, great: it's usually a sign that what you're interested in interests you. But if you do not, do it yourself. Have questions at certain moments of the presentation that encourage dialogue, such as "Has this ever happened to you?" Or "Would this function be interesting for you?".

Put yourself in the client's place

Think about what you need, what problems you have, and how you can help. That's what he's going to want you to tell him. And all your presentation should have a single objective: to convince you that you can solve one of your problems.

  • Do not monopolize your presentation speaking only for 20 minutes ... Nobody wants to work with a blow job!
  • Dedicated at the end a transparency to explain why your company is the ideal to do what you are proposing. If the client is interested in knowing something more about you, he will ask.
  • Do not load your slideshow that will not give you time to see later.