How to train a pit bull

Pitbulls are very energetic dogs that are considered a dangerous breed, however, it is an animal that can easily be trained if you follow a training routine from the first days you have it with you. There are a number of tricks that can help you educate your pit bull so that you get it to obey and have correct and predictable habits. In this article we tell you how to train a pit bull and make your relationship and coexistence as placid as possible.

Steps to follow:


The ideal is that you try to train a pit bull when he is a puppy since, thus, since he was a child he will be able to acquire the basic knowledge to be able to coexist easily. When they are puppies, animals (like children) are like sponges that absorb all the information they receive, so it is important that if you can begin to transmit the values ​​from the first days of living together. The pitbull, contrary to what many people believe, is a dog breed very obedient and faithful, so you can get to have a very satisfactory relationship with your pet.

In this video we tell you how a pit bull is.


Before entering the subject we have to tell you that to educate a pit bull, it is best if you do it after taking it out for a walk . The reason is that it is a very energetic race and that it needs to burn energy in order to be calmer. If you take him out for a walk and play with him with a ball, you will make him more calm and predisposed to teach him the guidelines of the training. So take advantage after taking him for a walk to give him the first lessons.


To start with your pitbull training, the essential thing is that in order to acquire the knowledge you want to transmit, you encourage positive reinforcement ; that is, each time you do what you ask, give him a prize. In this way you will associate what you are asking with something good and will do it whenever you ask. Similarly, when you do something wrong you will have to make it notice with negative reinforcements: do not pay attention to him, punish him for a while locked in a room, et cetera. That way he will understand that he should not do that anymore.


One of the main problems when trying to train a pit bull is that it is a very dominant race and, whenever possible, it will try to put itself above you. Therefore, it is important that you establish that the domain is yours so that you realize that the leader is you and not him; in this way he will obey you quickly. To get positioned as the dominant of your home you can follow these guidelines:

  • Correct your actions every time you do it wrong, do it quickly and in a concise manner so that you understand that the one who commands is you. This is very easy to do with the help of a strap, in step 6 we detail how to do it.
  • Tell him "No" to the situations you want to correct inside the house. If for example you have a tendency to get on the couch and you do not want to do it, go telling yourself the times you need keeping your energy strong and concise.
  • Do not let him enter first at home. Each time you go back and open the door, you will see how the dog tries to sneak in to enter the first one: this is a sign of mastery that you must stop by entering first.


If your pitbull has a tendency to bark a lot it is important that you correct this custom by telling it, from the beginning, a resounding "No" . For your pet to understand the exact order, you can combine it by grabbing its snout and closing its mouth, be not too rough or violent, it's just a gesture to understand what you ask. When you take your hands off and stop barking it's time to give the positive reinforcement to finish understanding what you are saying. Above all avoid being violent or get nervous by closing his snout, the dog has to understand what happens without generating a tense situation.


One of the most feasible ways to train a pit bull is through the use of the leash ; with it you can correct attitudes of your dog and redirect it to where you want. The first step is to let the leash not pull, leave space and freedom for your pet to go anywhere but when you do an attitude that you do not like, bark, walk too far away from you, etc., is when you have to give a dry pull that is accompanied by an authoritarian "No". For the first few times it is also recommended that you bring treats for dogs to get stronger and associate what you are asking.

In addition to wearing the strap when you go out for a walk, you can also enter it at home at the beginning to show you that you should not go on the couch, to the bed, and so on. To do it, it will be enough to dedicate a few minutes each day and put the dog in front of the sofa, for example. When you see that it is going to go up you give it a dry pull on the leash with a "No" so that it understands what it is that you want.


For a pit bull to get along with other dogs, you also need to spend a little time training them. During the walks he lets the dog interact with other animals so that he gets used to the habitual presence of other dogs in his life. As we have already said, the personality of this breed of dog is very dominant so it will always try to put on top of other dogs something that, depending on the other in question, will go well or not. Therefore, it is likely that your pet does not get along with the most authoritarian races, so do not force the situation either.

To get a bit lower the control of your pit bull it is important that you do some exercises that will help this purpose. In this way, a very good trick is to present the two dogs in a neutral territory and when you start to walk them they go in parallel, neither in front of the other. When you see that it works well you can free the dogs from their leashes and let them sniff, at the minimum incidence that you see, put the leash on and correct it so that it understands that it should not do it; but if you do it right, reward it with a treat. In we give you more tricks so you know how to present two dogs.