How to make a trap for rabbits

If you want to hunt rabbits, either for pleasure feeding or because they enter your house damaging your property, it is best to have a trap to catch them without having to be constantly attentive . If you do not want to buy it, do not worry, it's easy to create a landlady. In .com we explain how to make a trap for rabbits.

Steps to follow:


Get a box that fits a rabbit. In addition, it must be strong enough to withstand it. Look for it in metal or wood.


Look for a long stick, higher than what you can calculate is the average height of a rabbit. Tie a rope to one end of the club.


On the other side of the rope tie some food that you think may be of the rabbit's taste, remember that these animals love vegetables.


Put the stick vertically, which holds the box . Prepare the food and put it right under the box.


Put your trap in the area where rabbits frequent or where you will find some controls to hunt it.


Keep removed so that the rabbit does not perceive you, but close so that when the rabbit is trapped, you can act and catch it directly.

  • Do not make noise and avoid having a rabbit nearby when you build your trap.