How to make a thank you speech

Being the focus of attention for having achieved your goals and having made many merits for it, deserves recognition. If you have received a prize, a decoration, a tribute or a reward, do not forget to be grateful. How? Pay close attention to the following tips. In .com we explain how to make a speech of appreciation. You will learn to write and give a speech in front of the public.

Steps to follow:


Write a list of people who should receive your thanks. Add to it all those people who have helped you achieve your goals. From those who have done it for moral support as those who have worked for it. Remember: many of your achievements are not yours alone. Do not forget to put the people you love and those people who-out of courtesy-should be among your thanks .


To make it easier for you to structure the text, write next to each name on the list a keyword that indicates the reason for your thanks (inspiration, support, economy ...). This will make it easier for you to group the names or give them more or less importance within your speech.


Give more weight to the most important people . It does not matter if you start or end with them, the most important thing is that they have more time and space within the acknowledgments. Think that the speech has a limited time and you can not talk about the whole world. So limit your list to the most important people and divide your time based on them.


Before starting to write the text for your speech, think about how much time you have and so you can better distribute the speech and properly organize its structure. If you consider that you do not have much time and there are many names to which you owe a thank you, make a final list of several names. That way you will not omit anyone and with naming them will suffice.


The introduction As in any text, the structure is very important in a speech. Enter your presentation with a general appreciation or personal reflection . Explain how you have come to achieve your achievements, goals or dreams. Explain briefly your story or even bet on an anecdote or an appointment, in this way the speech will be more pleasant.


After the short introduction, start with the thanks . Remember the key words written previously on your list and start the personal writing keeping them in mind. If you wish, you can tell small stories or anecdotes about the most important people: your parents, brothers, spouses, friends, bosses ...


Keep in mind the following guidelines to administer the speech :

  • Remember that you should spend more time with the people you consider most important.
  • Manage the time of your speech. Do not focus only on one person, but later you will not have time to dedicate a few words to others.
  • If the speech is short, make it a close thank you .


Another method that can help you is to group people according to the keywords you have put. This will leave your family and friends in one place, your bosses and colleagues in another, and so on.


Before going to the act, rehearse . You can time how long your writing lasts. For this, we recommend that you read at a medium pace . If at the end you see that it has been too long, rethink it and omit some information. Otherwise, if it is short, you will be in time to add some more detail or make a more elaborate closure.


If you do not feel safe and want to take your speech on paper, highlight the most important parts . So in case you stay blank you can check the writing and pick up the thread.


Feel confident and calm. The more confident you are of yourself, the more natural the message of the speech will be.