How to pass a psychometric test in a job interview

The psychometric test is one of the tools that recruiters have to assess the attitude and skills that we show in a job interview . It speaks beyond our experience, for what the CV is used. It is likely that in the job interview we must pass a psychometric test, where we measure not only how we react to improbable situations or complications; also our capacity for the specific tasks of the workplace. If you want to know some tips to pass a psychometric test, from .com we offer them:

Steps to follow:


Sincerity before everything. It is one of the aspects that are most valued in psychometric tests and where they will try to catch you. Keep in mind that during the test you can ask several similar questions, although posed in different ways, to see if you contradict.


The second aspect to pass a psychometric test in a job interview is to be calm and relaxed. Most questions will answer them without problem if you do not get nervous. Avoid nerves playing tricks on you.


Read the instructions carefully and then the questions. Do not venture to answer without clear instructions, in many cases there are small traps that can say a lot about you. For example of the type, answer only two questions and if you answer all of them you may think that you are excessively impulsive. If you have any questions, do not hesitate and speak with the interviewer to clarify it.


Make good time management. Normally, you will have limited time to pass the test so if you do not know a question, try to move on to the next one and do not block yourself. If you respond with agility, surely at the end you have time to review the ones you left.


Search for psycho-technical tests online. Surely it is very useful if you practice before. This way you will be used to answering them and they will not be anything new to you in the job interview.

  • Preparation is one of the best keys.