How to organize to look for work

The need to find a job leads us to move directly into action and enroll massively in job offers without first planning our actions. Many times we forget to take the previous steps and structure ourselves to find a job that is the basis to get the most out of this laborious process.

From .com we offer you some suggestions so that you know how to organize yourself to look for a job and get to join the working world.

Steps to follow:


The first step is to spend time defining your goals . What job are you looking for? What would you need to satisfy the professional plot of your life? Once you have defined what these purposes are, divide them into short-term and long-term objectives in order to comply with them gradually and flexibly. Write everything down in a notebook or agenda so you do not miss anything!


To know how to organize yourself to look for a job, you need to stipulate what tasks you must perform to get a job. In this way, one by one we will go through the objectives in different tasks, that is, actions that will lead us to fulfill them.

Among the main tasks you should include: updating your CV, registration in employment pages, search for companies related to your professional sector and determine different ways of contacting companies (by email, by letter, by phone, in person), etc.)

In we tell you how to make a good resume and how to write an email to apply for a job.


We advise you to create an action plan in which you determine the weekly actions you will take to find a job . Have a calendar handy to record the steps you have taken and organize this process. Remember that although you are not paid this is now your job that you can do from home or from a library or study center in your city.


Therefore, it decides a fixed schedule for the search of employment and to develop all the actions destined to find a job . We recommend that you leave two hours in the morning to find job offers that match your profile and companies in your sector.

  • On Fridays, reserve an hour to organize the tasks that you will carry out the following week and evaluate if you have fulfilled the tasks that you had assigned for this one.