How to organize teamwork

Working individually is becoming increasingly common and that is why it is increasingly important to be effective in freelance work . But the work in equipment has not died and continues being very habitual, although, possibly, is more complicated to obtain that all the legs of the group work well to taste. After all, solitary work allows to impose the work rhythms that we like the most, and in teamwork it involves negotiating and organizing tasks. In .com we offer you several tips on how to organize teamwork.

Steps to follow:


Every team needs a leader. One of the members of the team -to be the person with the greatest responsibility-will have to take control one way or another.


That does not mean being a tyrant or that the team can not make group decisions: it assumes that person will be responsible for keeping the agenda up to date and knowing if everything is being done as it should. The techniques for organizing office work can help.


Team members should work on what they like and are good at. That is, when working as a team you need different profiles for different tasks that are completely different and often complementary. In a group, the usual thing is that there are different profiles for whom each task will be more accurate.


We should not encourage competition, but collaboration . A team is not a race to be the best of the group but a joint work. Team members should help each other and support each other. You can take advantage of these techniques to encourage teamwork.


The dates, deadlines and deliveries must be respected . In a team, everyone depends on the work of others, so members must be rigorous with work schedules.


You have to face the problems . The usual thing when several people work together is that frictions and problems are generated. We should not let them get entangled. The team must face them together and give solutions. Talking bad about the other in the coffee machine is not the solution.


And each achievement is a joint achievement. Do not forget that when you work as a team, victories belong to everyone.