How to organize freelance work

Working as a freelancer has a few advantages: you can organize your schedules as best suits you, you can work from wherever you want whenever you have Internet connection or you can do several things in the same day. But in addition to the benefits it also has its bad things, such as how easy it is to fall into disorganization or get distracted by anything. If you want to know how to organize freelance work, keep reading the tips that we offer you in .com.

Steps to follow:


If you want to start working as a freelance you must take into account one basic thing: you have to organize yourself . It does not matter if you are organized or not, you will have to start being from now on. If you do not organize your work schedules and your tasks, the work will end up burying you. In our article how to organize yourself if you work from home you will find some tips to achieve it successfully.


Find yourself a comfortable place to work. You can create a special corner in your own home or you can choose to get a work table in a shared office or a coworking space.


If you choose to work from home, dedicate that space only to your work. If you live with more people, make it clear that this is your place of work and that, when you are sitting there with your computer, you are in your work schedule. You can read this article on how to take advantage of a room to make an office at home to get ideas.


Buy yourself an agenda. The agendas are valid for practically everything, from organizing work to helping to concentrate. If you are a freelancer, an agenda will be essential, since it will allow you to keep up with your delivery times and control the pending tasks.


Establish work hours and respect them. The biggest danger of being a freelance is falling into the infinite days of work. Respect the holidays and weekends and, above all, organize yourself so as not to exceed a working day. Distribute your days and hours between your different clients.


Get a task management tool . This is already a recommendation for more advanced users: Wonderlist, Teux Deux or Do It (Tomorrow) let you know what you should do and especially what you have done (and the time you have dedicated), something very useful to organize work freelance