How to motivate my employees

Encourage your employees within the workplace to perform more, feel comfortable, happy and be much more productive is a basic task that must be exercised by any manager, from the hand of the human resources department. For some, motivating is synonymous with more salary, for others it is a matter of recognition, for some it is a matter of future expectations. In .com we give you the tools to learn how to motivate your employees . Work on this aspect and you will get a template with many more tools to prosper. Take note!

Steps to follow:


The first motivation technique is based on money, since it is the main reason why a person works. The salary should not only cover the basic needs of consumption, but should also be a way to recognize the effort, responsibility, preparation and good work of an employee. Working with bonuses, with incentives or objectives with which you can increase the base salary is the key for an employee to want to work more and overcome.


Secondly, anyone wants to maintain a good quality of life, so that flexible hours or the free choice of holidays and vacations, can be a good method to get stimulate workers. In this way, they will have their free time when they want and feel that they can reconcile work and personal life in a balanced way.


Another very important tool to motivate an employee is, without a doubt, the recognition of a job well done . For some this fact has, even, more value than the salary. Giving thanks, congratulating and recognizing the achievements of an employee does not cost anything but it means a lot. The joy and satisfaction of the worker will motivate you to want to improve yourself, to do more and better. The recognition makes an employee feel that he is part of the success of the company.


Good work climate is also an incentive for the employee to want to work. The good relationship with colleagues or boss, communication, transparency or confidentiality are translated into a favorable environment to enhance human relations and the integration of the worker in the company. If the employee is happy to work and feels happy in the workplace, he will be more productive; so be sure to read this other article about how to improve labor relations.


On the other hand, future expectations are basic for any person, so it is a good tool for job motivation. Everyone thinks about growing, developing and prospering within a company, so your workers should feel that they have this possibility of promotion. With the goal of occupying a better position within the company, hand in hand with the necessary recognition, the worker will increase his productivity. Of course, as a boss you should not promise something that you will not fulfill just to motivate, remember that recognition and rewards are basic for the proper functioning and development of any employee.


As we have already mentioned, fostering a communicative space and interaction with employees is essential. They want to be heard by their superiors, so brainstorm from time to time, let them participate with initiatives and proposals, encourage a space for dialogue, listen and show interest in the lives of your workers are some tools with which you can to play. They will feel happier if they know that they can talk with their superiors calmly and that, in addition, they are listened to and taken into account.


Finally, the fundamental thing is to make the employee feel part of the company . Gather all the previous techniques and create a perfect work environment to motivate your employees, encourage them, recognize them and help them to be more productive. Not only will it be a benefit for the company, but also for the quality of personal and professional life of your employees. Remember: working at ease works better.