How to improve my résumé

The curriculum vitae or CV is the document that serves to expose our training and experience when looking for employment, that is why it is essential to have a curriculum that demonstrates our worth to occupy a certain position or job. Currently there are many people who apply for job vacancies, so it is very important that you prepare your CV so that it stands out from the rest and can be chosen by the recruiter or the human resources department. So do not wait any longer and discover in this article the best tips on how to improve your resume.

Steps to follow:


First of all, it should be noted that in order to improve your CV you must start from a good CV ; otherwise, it will probably be better to start writing your resume from scratch in order to get it right and stand out from the rest of the candidates. So, you can never forget to include in your CV:

  • Personal data, always updated
  • Education
  • Work experience, although it is also possible to create a résumé without experience.
  • Languages
  • Other qualifications
  • Computer skills
  • Data of interest: possession of driving license, own vehicle, availability, skills, etc.

Likewise, you should also take good care of the form, so we recommend you consult this article with a whole series of tips to make a good resume that will surely be very useful as a guide.


Another essential aspect that you should take into account when creating and improving your CV is the fact of adapting it to the job offers you request or to the job position you aspire to. For example, if you are a journalist and football coach at the same time, it is advisable that you have two CVs to present each one in the respective offers; Thus, you can specify all your training and experience in each field without including information that is not very relevant to the recruiter.


In the same way, it is possible that some professions require a specific type of curriculum, in which some of the skills or skills required for the position are demonstrated . Therefore, people seeking employment in sectors related to creativity, such as advertising or communication in general, should reflect in their CV and / or cover letter that they have this aptitude and that is why we recommend Make a creative resume, like the examples shown in this article.


And not only creative works require transgressors CV, but today we must do the possible to differentiate ourselves from the rest of candidates and thus be able to stand out in all selection process. And is that currently many people have university and postgraduate studies or even a long work experience, so we should look at ourselves that makes the difference and improve the curriculum based on it. For this same reason, it is not recommended to use predesigned templates to prepare résumés, since they will automatically convert us into one more of the bunch.


Remember also that a possible cause of your curriculum vitae never being the one selected may be too long; since you should know that a CV should never exceed two pages on one side only . It is not about explaining life and miracles, but to summarize the main thing, just as curricula with a body of text of a tiny size will not be accepted or the margins will be reduced to the maximum so that more information is available.

Do not try to make any kind of event to fit everything in your curriculum, but the question is to prioritize and include only that which is relevant. To give you an example, if when you were 16 years old you worked two months as a waiter in your uncle's bar, probably nobody will be interested and you will be able to omit it. Basate on the premise that ' less is more ' and you will improve your curriculum considerably.


Although it may sound obvious, it seems that we are not all clear: the choice of the photograph of the curriculum will be fundamental, since it is the first image that will be taken of you who receives the CV. In this way, photos taken during a night of partying - even if you were divine or wearing a suit - are totally discarded or those in which it is clearly observed that there was another person beside you and you have cut it to go out alone. Nor will it be necessary to include full-body photographs, but it must be a photo in which you appear from the chest upwards.

In case you do not have any appropriate photo and, above all, updated to be part of your curriculum, you should choose to make one especially for it. Although you can opt to go to a professional photographer to take some photos, you can now also do it with most digital cameras or even smartphones. Make sure you put yourself before a neutral background and dress in a color that is not blurred by what you have behind.


Likewise, it will be essential that you maintain your revised curriculum at all times and update it regularly . In the same way that the photo must be current, it is also appropriate that you include all the training or recycling that you have been doing as time passes. In case you have not extended your studies or experience in the last few years, nothing will happen, it will only be necessary to include in the footnote of the document the last date of update of the CV; In this way, you will show that you keep your CV up to date.


Remember also that you should not only make sure to check the content, but also the form and the result. What does this mean? We mean that you should always do a revision to avoid possible spelling or typing mistakes ; in case you are aware that you make spelling mistakes, it is advisable that you ask for help from another person with greater command of the language so that you can correct your CV.

In the same way, it is also recommended that you export the curriculum to an appropriate format such as the pdf, and that saving it in .doc extensions (Word format) implies running the risk that the CV may be modified. In turn, it will be essential that you save the file of your resume with a name file name that identifies it appropriately to send it by email. So, do not call it things like: 'curriculum', 'CV', 'Juan' ... but you should choose a clear indicator such as: 'CV_JuanDelgado', that is, specify clearly what is involved. of a curriculum vitae and contain your name.