How to prevent my dog ​​from making holes in the garden

If you want to get your dog to stop digging, you must first understand that this is a very common and natural behavior in dogs. There are some who have a very strong need to make holes in the earth, while there are others who do not do it if they are not stimulated and those who never do. It is a behavior that seems to have more to do with the education that the dog has received throughout its life, so if you want to find the formula to prevent your dog from making holes in the garden, pay attention to this article.

Steps to follow:


Dogs that dig or make holes in the garden sometimes pose a great problem for their owners, as they can not only destroy the natural environment that has been created, but can pose serious risks to the health of the pet. It will not be the first dog to be electrocuted for running into electric cables while digging, or even being poisoned by something that he ingests from the earth. This behavior of digging does not have to accept it as normal, if you want to remedy it, with certain environmental changes you may get rid of that habit.

If you can bore the land of the garden it is because you have an important need to satisfy, and digging is the way to get what you want. There are several reasons that may explain why your dog has a habit of digging; then, we tell you some of the most common so you understand it better.


One of the most common reasons why your dog can make holes is that he wants to keep things, this is a purely instinctive behavior. It is very normal to hide objects that you appreciate underground, although in the case of pets that live inside the house, what they usually do is hide things under blankets, in their sheds, or in any other place they see for sure.

Another explanation for this behavior is because they seek somewhere cooler. When it is hot, many dogs tend to do this to find a more pleasant space with a better temperature. In this case, if you provide a comfortable, cool booth inside the house, you'll get it stopped. In the following article, we show you how to keep your dog cool in summer.

Another similar reason to dig is the search for a comfortable space to sleep, this behavior is very common in pets that live outside the home and sleep in huts with soft and fluffy surfaces.


There are also dogs that make holes in the garden to escape. Many times, it is about pets that want to leave their environment to enjoy freedom and go where they please.

Another of the most common causes to dig is fear. There are dogs that when left alone at home, suffer much anxiety and try to escape seeking protection. In severe cases of separation anxiety, many animals can be harmed by digging on very hard surfaces.

A common reason for your dog to dig is that he has run into a burrow; Maybe your pet has encountered some and is chasing the animals as a good hunter. And finally, your dog may dig holes just because he has fun, this is very common in breeds developed to chase burrows and is part of his instinctive behavior. Although it is a difficult guide to eradicate, you can redirect that behavior.


If your pet makes holes in the garden infrequently and impulsively, the solution will be quite easy. You will have to make him more company and give him enough stimuli so that he is distracted. And above all, do not allow him access to the area where he usually digs. This means that your dog lives longer inside the house and that in the event that it goes out, try to be accompanied. Use dog toys to give him enough activity so he can forget to dig holes in the ground, especially when he is alone. In fact, at the beginning it is better to restrict the exit to the garden until you are sure that being alone will not do it.


However, if your dog needs to dig, you will have to adopt another strategy to redirect his behavior. Keep in mind that you can not end this behavior without generating other consequences. In this case, the best option may be to get a space where your pet can dig without causing any discomfort, and always do it there. The first thing you should do is to choose an area, delimit that area according to the size of your dog and remove the soil so that it is loose. That place must be free of roots and plants so that your dog does not associate that site with the behavior of destroying these living beings.


Once that digging hole is prepared, bury some toy and let a small part protrude. Start pretending that you dig for your dog to see and so you will stimulate his desire. You can even call him to see if he comes directly and see how you pierce the earth. Once you can unearth the treasure, you must congratulate him, give him pampering and play with him, or you can even give him some edible prize from his favorites.

The key is to reinforce your behavior in a positive way. You will have to repeat this process until your dog does it relatively often and you notice that your pet digs even without a hidden toy. That means you really enjoy that activity. Even so, you must bury toys from time to time so that you continue to reinforce that behavior and continue digging where you have taught.


This process must do it avoiding that your dog leaves to the rest of the garden or, at least, if it does that it is under your supervision. It is recommended that while learning to dig in the chosen area, place a fence or protections to prevent your pet from entering the other prohibited part. You have to ensure that you only have access to the hole to dig, little by little your pet will only want to dig in the selected area. In this initial phase, you should always leave something buried and, around it, you could leave a toy filled with food so that you want to be in that place. You will see how in the end, your pet will only dig in that space.