How to buy in Ikea online

Many times you have thought about it, as you walk the corridors of Ikea looking for the table you saw in the catalog or trying to find a shelf that fits in your living room. Would not it be much more convenient to buy directly on the Internet at Ikea? In some countries, Ikea has an online store, like in the United Kingdom, and buying there is as easy as doing it in any ecommerce. But what about the Ikea online store in Spain? Keep reading because we give you some tips on how to buy in Ikea online.

Steps to follow:


Indeed: Ikea does not have an online store in Spain, at least not yet. Because not long ago the rumor began to circulate among the economic media that Ikea will soon open its Spanish online store. Still, buying from the Internet at Ikea is not completely impossible.


If you want a sofa or a mattress, you'll have it easier, because Ikea has a service that allows you to buy from home. You just have to enter the web they have created, choose the product and start the usual shopping process in an online store. Ikea will charge you, yes, 89 euros for taking it to your home.


The first thing is to navigate and choose the sofa that suits you best. In the tab of each product you will find all the information about its size and its characteristics.


Then add it to your cart, the first step to place the order.


Finally you will have to confirm your shopping cart. You will not pay at the moment. Ikea will send you an email with the details of your purchase and payment instructions.


But in addition to the sale of sofas and mattresses remotely, Ikea also now has a click & pick service . You have to visit the page of your nearest Ikea store and once there make a shopping list.


Browse the web and see the products that interest you most. Then add them to your shopping list.


Once your shopping list is finished, send it by mail to your nearest Ikea store. In the field of your mail you have to put your email address, in the message your name and your phone and in the recipient's email the address of your Ikea reference store.


They will call you from Ikea within 48 hours so you can stop by the store and pick up the products directly at the exit, without going through the store as usual.