How to make an unjustified dismissal letter

If making a disciplinary dismissal letter is already difficult in itself, since the decision to kick an employee is harsh, making an unjustified dismissal letter is usually even harder, which is usually for economic decisions. For that reason, it is always necessary to have some keys and guidelines that help us to make the letter of unjustified dismissal, that we will provide in this article of .com.

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Steps to follow:


An unfair dismissal is especially bitter for both parties, since normally neither the employer wants to dismiss the worker, nor this being fired. They usually occur for economic reasons, for which the company needs to reduce staff, so it is convenient to explain these reasons in detail in the letter, in an objective and calm manner.


To start the letter, we must include in the upper left part the name and surname of the worker to whom we are going, and on the line immediately below this the date on which the letter has been written.

In addition, it is recommended to include the logo of the company in the upper margin of the letter, so that there is no room for confusion.


In the explanatory statement, we will start by addressing our worker with some standard expression, such as "Dear Sir / madam" or "Dear Sir / Madam (and last name), so that we are as educated as possible.

Subsequently, we will explain in the most comprehensible and detailed way possible, the situation for which it is necessary to carry out the unfair dismissal, including briefly if we consider it appropriate objective data on the situation of the company at that time, to resort to that dismissal.


Within the statement of reasons, it is also advisable to inform the worker about where he can go to arrange the procedures to obtain the compensation that corresponds, so that we facilitate the process as much as possible, as well as the references to the collective agreement that belongs to him, if he owns it. It is also important to include the date on which the dismissal takes effect.


At the time of finalization, it is convenient to do so with a thank you phrase for the work and work provided to the company during that period of time. In the section below the farewell, we will find the signature of the head of the department to which it corresponds, as well as the seal of the company, and a space on the side where the employee can sign the letter . It is also convenient to include the date in this section again.


It is advisable to add, if the deal with our employee is quite good, some acts of support as a proposal to deliver a letter of recommendation for the search for a new job, or something similar.