How to make a product description

Selling through a catalog, website or any other distance selling tool can be beneficial for your business. However, there are some aspects that we have to take into account, for example the description of the product ; and that is that description will get the buyer to make the decision or not to buy. We show you how to make the description of a product to have good results in your sales.

Steps to follow:


To begin it is important that all the details of the product are present in the description. Thus, aspects such as size, color, measurements or materials, can be decisive for a buyer to end up seeing your product as something essential.


After these main data, it would be convenient that we make a more literary description about the product. Try using the same tools that you would use in a face-to-face sale, narrating therefore the benefits of this product, why we should buy it.


In the description of a product we must also include keywords . In this way, we will be contributing positively to the search engine positioning; and is that SEO can be a determining factor in online sales tools.


It is interesting to divide the information . If we see that we have too much data, we can list them in a list. The reading will be much more fluid. In addition, it is good to head each section with a title that explains in advance what we will read. Thus, headings as features or benefits are very interesting.


Obviously the price can not be missing, because it is the first thing our future buyers will look at.


In another order, it is also important to take into account other data that are not always added in the product descriptions. These data can be for example the description of the manufacturing process or the level of quality. They will be relevant when these aspects imply a differentiation of our product with others. Therefore, in that case, they will have to be added.