How to make the name change my car

In the name of who is a car is an important role. As a brief biography, a title gives all the essential information about a car, even more importantly, who owns it. When a car changes its owners, the title must reflect that change. If not, the new driver is not the owner. If you have sold or bought a car already registered, remember that you must make the change of ownership of the car in the Register of the General Directorate of Traffic. In the next steps we will explain how you should act and what procedures you should do.

Steps to follow:


If you sell your car : a) never deliver your car without having in your hands the contract of sale or a photocopy of it (if it is between individuals) or invoice (if you deliver it to a sale) and a photocopy of the identity document in Spain of the buyer (DNI / Residence Card, if they are natural persons, or CIF, if they are companies). If it is a purchase, you must include the CIF in the invoice. It is important to indicate in the contract the hour and minutes in which you deliver the vehicle: remember that the fines of fixed radars and for not having passed the ITV will continue to arrive as long as the change of ownership does not occur in the Vehicle Registry. ) It indicates to the buyer that within 15 days he sends you a copy of the registration certificate stating that the car is already in his name. If you have not received this document within 15 days, go to the Traffic Department to communicate that you have sold the car (process of notification of sale).


If you have bought a car, you must register it in your name in the Vehicle Registry of the General Directorate of Traffic.


If you purchased the car in a sale, it is this that normally will be responsible for carrying out the management, making delivery of the Technical Inspection Card of the car and the registration certificate already in your name .


If you have purchased the car from an individual, remember that you must keep the purchase agreement or a photocopy of it, a photocopy of the identity document of the seller, the request to change the ownership of the car signed by the buyer and seller, and the documentation of the car for the change of name (ITV card, registration permit and receipt of the municipal tax paid corresponding to the year prior to the procedure), (procedure of transmission of the car)


If you have bought a car and want to change your name, you must pay the property transfer tax (model 620) before the Treasury of your Autonomous Community, providing all the previous documentation.


Go to any of these three Traffic Headquarters: your home address, the address of the seller or the province of registration of the car.


Pay the fees and provide all the necessary documentation to carry out the procedure (information note of the documentation).

  • The rules for changing the name of the car may vary slightly depending on the autonomous community.