How to Write a Curriculum Vitae for Banking

To create a good CV for banking, you have to show unity, ambition, a high degree of financial knowledge and a clear understanding of the industry. The competition is intense. Banks want to see unity, ambition and evidence of a high degree of "financial literacy". Start building your CV as a student through courses or internships taken during the summer, for example. It is crucial to understand the financial industry and, in particular, in the sector in which you want to work. Research functions, organizations and broader trends so you can clearly and convincingly explain what is required. Along with excellent academic performance, employers also want to see particular skills, such as good communication, analytical skills and the ability to work under pressure. Below we explain step by step how to make a curriculum vitae for banking.

You will need to:
  • Computer
  • Internet
  • Printer
  • A good photograph
Steps to follow:


A curriculum vitae for banking, you have to start like the vast majority of the curriculum vitae, the first thing you have to do is put your personal information, your profession, years you have experience and a photo tulla. Your photo should be appropriate, since it will be the first image that the reader has of you and you have to be presentable.


At this point of the CV, you have to explain your profile very well, you have to write a couple of sentences, highlighting the main attributes and skills you have. Specific competences can be listed in the profile, or in a table below. If you look at the image you will see an example that can guide you.


Now you go on to write about your education and training. If you are a graduate, this section of education can be your strong point and the one that you have to exploit the most! You must highlight the key skills and areas of interest you have. For example, quote mentions that you have done, put all extra-curricular activities or if you have been a leader or leader of a team.


To finalize the curriculum for the bank, you must include details of the employers, the dates, the main responsibilities and achievements that you have achieved in the different places where you have worked. If you look at the image you will see some reference example.


Remember that a fundamental part of finding a job is to write a good CV. We have different articles aimed at making a good CV, although if you want to go a step further, there are specialized web pages such as LiveCareer that will help you prepare a good CV and find a job.

  • This curriculum vitae for banking is very specific for a sector. We recommend that you have other CVs to send to other types of companies if you do not find work in this sector.
  • The photograph has to be good, it is recommended that you wear a suit and tie, since on the bench you go with a suit.