How to train a border collie

Known as sheep dogs, Border Collies are not only very smart dogs, but also can be one of the most efficient breeds both to protect the house and to live together as a family. They are extremely smart, can adapt easily and help in various tasks such as guide dogs and rescue dogs.

No doubt having a partner of this race is a great fortune, so if you want to know how to train a border collie and make it the ideal dog, read on because we will give you some tips that will be very useful.

Knowing the race

The Border Collie is a breed that comes from the Scottish Vikings and has been used for years as a working dog. It has an ideal character for both work and family, its estimated weight is about 12 kilos, consuming an approximate 500 grams of food a day.

Being dogs of considerable size and very active, they will feel better in a large place with a garden or enough space to move around . One of the most characteristic qualities that the dog has is its look, perhaps you will never see this type of look in another dog and that is precisely what makes it dominate the flocks of sheep, along with their hunting body position. They love to work and therefore it is important to keep them active with enough daily physical activity.

For your training it will be important to teach you basic commands, clear commands and succulent prizes. Some tips to achieve better results will be:

  • If you want your border collie to live up to his classic style and become the king of the herd, one of the first commands you have to teach your dog is to walk to the sides, which can move to the right or left is important for group the herds.
  • If you just want to educate them in a normal way, with learning basic "come" "to" "stop" "quiet" "go" lessons, you will begin to recognize who the leader is and communication will improve noticeably. Using a clear and clear tone of voice is key so that the dog understands and executes the action, for being very energetic and intelligent your orders have to be firm so that the dog responds to these.
  • Reward good behavior, for each of the orders that your Border Collie dog executes, however small it may be, reward the action with a treat. The size of the candy should be small and you should only provide one piece. The more you obey the more you can give "the prize" to your dog.

Games for the border collie

The great learning lessons for Border Collies are done through games. The games are a great training and entertainment exercise for the pet and his master.

The first thing they should learn is to bring, a lesson that is easily achieved with a ball, outdoors and with enough space to throw it, taking care that there is no danger to the dog when looking for it as for example cars circulating or ravines.

To give the leg and to roll by the floor are two lessons that usually we usually teach to the dogs, but more important they will be to teach to sit down and to lie down . To get your dog to sit or lie down, start practicing as a puppy, leaving it in the desired position so you can repeat it later, this lesson is vital, indicates that you should relax or stay calm at any time you order it.

In addition to all the training you can offer the animal, knowing its basic care is essential to ensure your health, so we invite you to consult our article how to care for a Border Collie to discover it.

  • The most important thing you have to keep in mind is that everything you teach the dog is something that you need, but it is not a canine need. Give the leg, sit, are commands that you want to learn to have a better coexistence, but you must relax, although they are very intelligent, they are animals, you must have patience and not get frustrated if you do not do it as you want, it will require time, love and patience.