How should I tell you that I'm leaving the job?

Although it is not the most usual, it may be that some day in life we want to leave the job we have . The causes can be varied, from the possibility that we have found a better job and in which we feel more comfortable, until we want to start a new life in another place. At UnCó we explain how we should advise that we leave our work in the best way, both for ourselves and for the company.

With what time in advance and in what way

The first thing we should do is look at our work contract. In it must be established the period agreed with the company for which we must notify before leaving work. In case you did not say anything about it, the pre-established legal minimum period is 15 days.

Another possibility in the case that we were in doubt of the period, is to go to the collective agreement that covers our employment, where we can inform ourselves of what we need.

It is always advisable to do it in a friendly way with the company, as far as possible, since you never know if we will work there again. Therefore, this period may also vary depending on what we talk to our bosses. We can put two types of situations, for example:

  • In the case that we are carrying out a project with partners, or some activity for which it would be difficult to find a substitute in a short period of time, you could agree to leave the job at the moment you do not need us.
  • If the company can do without us easily, it could be that they gave us the possibility of leaving it in a period less than 15 days protocol.

Some recommendations when leaving a job

  • Agree the periods with the company and leave all the work that belongs to us finished, so that the next person who carried them out is not with problems or jobs half done. It is very important to try to close everything in a friendly way with the company .
  • We must present the letter of resignation, in which we will inform our superiors of our decision to leave the company.
  • We will have to indicate the reasons for our resignation, in a clear and brief educated way.
  • We will present the original letter and a copy, both signed by the worker.
  • In the case of not giving sufficient notice, the company, according to the agreement and the agreed contract, may stop paying the settlement or the corresponding days that were not pre-paid.