How to create an infographic quickly

It seems that infographics, visual representations of texts, are currently booming on the Internet. This informative support is not only attractive for many websites, but also provides visibility and is highly viral. For this reason, in .com we believe that, the fact that now offers to create infographics quickly and easily using the databases of Twitter and Facebook, means that you should start to join this new fashion. Read carefully!

You will need to:
  • A computer with Internet access.
Steps to follow:


Go to and select 'Create'.


Choose the infographic design you want; these are personalized, you just have to select the one that best suits the story you want to build.


After choosing the template, select 'Log in to Twitter', then click on 'Authorize the application'.


Write, on the new screen, the two Twitter accounts you want to compare. As an example, offers us some established ones. To finish, press 'Go' and wait until the infographic is created fleetingly .